The 6 best photo points in Saalfelden Leogang

Do you know this? You see an amazing photo of a vacation spot and wonder how you can get to that exact place? We're here to help! Local photographer Michael reveals the best photo spots in Saalfelden Leogang and also gives practical tips for successful and emotional photos.

It's not about perfection

What actually makes a good photo and what do you need for it? "A good photo has to be able to put me back in the situation. I have to feel as if I was in that place, feeling that emotion, as if I was there live," says Michael, who specializes particularly in event and lifestyle photography. For him, it's not perfection that matters, but instead the image should tell a story and trigger emotions. Personally, he prefers to use his Sony Alpha 7III for photography, but also finds smartphones perfectly adequate, especially for hiking. For action-packed and wide-angle photos, he prefers to use his GoPro.

Simply changing the perspective

And is there an absolute secret tip for taking especially good photos? Michael recommends changing the perspective: "Simply sit on the ground, photograph between trees or create a completely different image by making small changes to the angle of view." For him, it's very important that you don't necessarily need expensive equipment to take good photos.

The 6 best photo points presented by Michael Geissler

#1 Stoissengraben Saalfelden

  • Location: Stoissengraben Saalfelden
  • Special feature: The combination of water, rocks and forest is simply magnificent. Especially on hot summer days, this is the perfect location to unwind or barbecue. At the end of the track you are rewarded with a unique waterfall.
  • Photo time: Since this is a ditch, the shade is quite persistent, especially in the morning. The best photos here are taken in the late afternoon, when the light is no longer harsh and the water shines in the sunshine.
  • Best photo position: Depending on whether you take action photos or landscape photos, the photo position varies. For action shots, it's fun to play with the water a bit and maybe even stand in the water. I recommend a GoPro here, as it is waterproof. For landscape photos, give free rein to creativity.

#2 Hermitage Saalfelden

  • Location: Hermitage Saalfelden
  • Special feature: The Hermitage is already a real eye-catcher from the town center. After only a few minutes walk you reach the chapel, which is built directly on the rock. Despite the short hike, you have a great view over the Saalfelden basin all the way to Leogang.
  • Photo time: The sunrise or sunset is best for the perfect photo. When the Leoganger Steinberger start to glow, hardly anything can go wrong.
  • Best photo position: On the hermitage there are different plateaus from which you have a good view. Just try out from where the view is best at the moment. With a little luck, a wild bird will flutter in front of your lens or a squirrel will pass by. The Lichtenberg Castle, which stands only a few hundred meters below the hermitage, is also a beautiful motif.

#3 Ritzensee Saalfelden

Location: Ritzensee Saalfelden
Special feature: The Ritzensee is the recreation area in Saalfelden. The landscape there is just gorgeous and after a few minutes walk you have a fantastic view over Saalfelden to Leogang.
Photo time: Here, too, it is important to avoid the midday sun. Especially at dusk you can sometimes see great light spectacles. The Ritzensee is worth a photo at any time of the year.
Best photo position: I love to walk up the walkway and enjoy the view over the lake. The view is clear for a memorable photo. But there's also something special about a lower perspective right on the jetty.

#4 Great Asitz & Nature Cinema Leogang

Location: Great Asitz Leogang
Special feature: The special thing about the Großer Asitz is the breathtaking view! Miles of view over the entire region and beyond. Since the Leogang lifts are even in operation for hikers throughout the fall, you can ride it to the top station and then continue hiking. An easy hike that rewards with a great panorama. If you continue from the summit cross for a few more minutes, you will have another unique view into the valley from the nature cinema. You almost feel like the king or queen of Saalfelden Leogang.
Photo time: My tip: take the first gondola or hike up! Especially in late summer, the sunrise in the natural cinema holds especially many colors for the early risers.
Best photo position: To be able to savor the full panorama, it is best to stand right next to the summit cross. Selfie fans can also strike here and immortalize themselves with the cross. Note: You can see what the view looks like live online at!

#5 Peaceful waters at the Asitz

Location: Peaceful waters
Special feature: The peaceful waters are located above the middle station of the Asitzbahn. After a short hike through the senses park, you arrive at one of the most beautiful photo spots in the Saalfelden Leogang region.
Photo time: The peaceful waters are an absolute highlight at any time of day. However, sunset (in the direction of the Tyrol) makes the water shine especially brightly. Notice: In the winter months, the water in the storage pond is used for the snow-making equipment.
Best photo position: The peaceful waters make a good figure from almost any perspective. Tip: From the wooden chapel above the peaceful waters you also have a super view of the Leoganger Steinberge.

#6 Spielberghorn

Location: Spielberghorn
Special feature: The Spielberghorn is enthroned straight between Leogang and Hochfilzen. Already the ascent rewards with a great view.
Photo time: A sunrise hike always has a special charm, but the Spielberghorn has a very special atmosphere at the beginning of the day. So: Set the alarm and get up early!
Best photo position: With this view, you can do almost nothing wrong! 😉 I try to play with the different lines and shapes of the mountains and the incidence of light. By the way: The GoPro is also ideal for selfies thanks to the timer function. Frame the picture, set the timer and put it in position.

Michael Geißler works as a photographer and dance trainer. He discovered his love for photography in kindergarten, when he got his first camera and from then on was responsible for the photos at all school parties and birthday celebrations. He still loves to take pictures of events as much as he loves to capture natural spectacles. You can find more pictures of Michael on his Instagram channel!