Kristina Seer

Kristina Seer

Kristina grew up at an inn at Leogang. As a child she started exploring the region Saalfelden Leogang and knows almost all the secret places. After seven years in Klagenfurt, she is now back at home. She loves to hike and has a fondness for good traditional fare of the Pinzgau.

Articles by this author

  1. Sports meets culinary at the E-Bike Pleasure Tour

    There's hardly a more relaxed way to explore Saalfelden Leogang than with an e-bike. And it gets even better with the culinary hotspots that invite you to take a break. Come along and join us on the E-Bike Pleasure Tour.
  2. Best Shot: The Favorite Pictures of Our Photographers

    Every time we send out our favorite photographers, I'm excited to see how they capture our region. I definitely have a thousand favorite pictures, but this time I decided to ask Michael, Yvonne, Klemens & Co which shots are their favorites and...
  3. Ski & fly with the Flying Fox XXL

    Skiing at its best! Still super snow conditions, the sun is shining at the terraces of the mountain huts, where you can enjoy a hot mug of coffee and as a special highlight, you can fly high above the valley with 130 km/h. Wait, what? Yes, with...
  4. Recipe: Bladl

    Whether savory or sweet, we've kept this classic of Pinzgau cuisine from you for far too long: the Bladl! These are empty or filled baked dough pockets, which are served either savory with sauerkraut or sweet with lingonberry jam. Today, we're going...