Archive March 2020

  1. Interview: Gothic love

    The first time Sepp Forcher came to Leogang was in the 1950s, to search for minerals in the Daniel tunnel. This was not explicitely prohibited, however it was not really legal as well. Years later, he got to know Hermann Mayrhofer and the Mining and...
  2. © Klemens König

    New lines, trails and much more

    The summer of 2019 has it all: Bikers can expect four new lines, trails and a new pump track including a dirt- and jumpline. Let us introduce you to all the novelties in a short and crisp way!
  3. Wanderführer auf Wanderweg in Saalfelden-Leogang | © Florian Lechner

    Hiking on Wiff's trails

    In Saalfelden Leogang there are over 400 km hiking trails, which wait for you to hike on them. Every single one is excellently maintained and responsible for this maintenance are men like Wilfried "Wiff" Lederer. Since 17 years Wiff, who now is in...
  4. Traveling with a lot of people

    How to you get on the mountain for a interview in winter? Well, of course with your skis! Today I am meeting Gerald Stutz at the mountain restaurant Alte Schmide at the Asitz mountain. He works as a traveling companion at the "Reisewelt...