Archive April 2020

  1. Recipe: Baking bread

    What could be better than a fresh slice of crunchy bread? Maybe with a little bit butter on it and fresh chives on top? I would say, not much! Margret from the farm Jagglhof in Saalfelden bakes original coarse rye bread since years and today she...
  2. Recipe: Spring salat

    Actually, we just wanted to interpret the classic dish from Maundy Thursday in a new way. This was successful, and so we created a delicious spring salat, which tastes really good, even after easter!
  3. The 5 most beautiful hikes in spring

    "Nature is awakening again", says mountain guide Markus Mayrhofer about the magic of spring in Saalfelden Leogang. It's time to get your hiking shoes from the cellar, when the days are getting longer again, you feel the sun on your sking and the...