Sustainably oriented Leoganger Bergbahnen

Skiing Sustainably – Is it possible?

The Leoganger Bergbahnen are introducing more initiatives to make this a possibility.

As a guest in our region, you would naturally like to be sure that resources are being conserved as much as possible, and that our wonderful natural environment is being respected. It’s much more fun to enjoy the richly varied winter and summer activities on offer if you and be confident beforehand that this is the case.
We would like to take this opportunity to explain to all those interested what distinguishes us as sustainability experts.


As early as 2006, the Leoganger Bergbahnen began investing regularly in projects to do with energy efficiency, sustainability, and the conservation of resources, and continue to do so as participants of lighthouse projects such as “Cleaning Energy For Tourism” (CE4T) and as the first lift company partner in the “Salzburg Climate and Energy Strategy 2050” initiative. To find out how exactly, read on:

Sustainability has many facets!

We are trying hard in many areas:

We are pioneers in terms of fuel consumption among the Leoganger Bergbahnen! Already the conversion to GTL diesel in 2022 was an investment in improving our ecological footprint. Now we are going one step further with the storage of HVO fuel. This ensures a saving of approx. 90 % CO² with a consumption of 220,000 l for the winter season 2023/24! The Leoganger Bergbahnen are thus taking on a pioneering role in terms of sustainability and resource conservation. You can find more information here.

Sustainability both on and off the pistes

Are sustainability and skiing compatible?


The Leoganger Bergbahnen are strong partners when it comes to sustainability, introducing energy efficiency improvement measures as early as 2006, and have been recognised with numerous awards. Such measures include for example a heat recovery system, using heat from the lift motors to heat neighbouring spaces, workshops, and the “Stöcklalm”mountain restaurant, and employing a district heating system. One such initiative is the Austrian Lighthouse project “Clean Energy For Tourism” (CE4T). This has the aim of the winter tourism branch achieving carbon neutral status. Using the latest technology, energy consumption can be optimised. For example, excess energy from the ski area is diverted to hydroelectric storage power stations and reservoirs to reduce demand on the electricity network, and provide energy for other businesses such as spas and hotels.


The hydraulic and electrical systems in the snowmaking facilities and lifts have been optimised. “By doing this, we have been able to massively reduce our energy consumption” says Kornel Grundner, director of the Leoganger Bergbahnen. “The Asitz and Steinberg lifts save around 151,000 kWh annually. These efforts have not gone unnoticed: in 2017 the Leoganger Bergbahnen were awarded the “Umwelt Blatt Salzburg”, and in 2018 they were recognised by the environment ministry for their commitment to climate protection. In 2019 the Leoganger Bergbahnen became the first ski area to be partners of the “Klima- und Energiestrategie Salzburg 2050”.


In the construction of the new Asitzkogel lift, which replaces the Sportbahn in the Asitzmulde from winter 2022/23, special effort was taken to use a modern direct drive system and a new photovoltaic installation, leading to a saving of 62,000 kWh compared with the energy that was required to run the old lifts.

What’s more, in 2022 new synthetic GTL diesel fuel was stored for use in all vehicles, including piste bashers. In doing so, local emissions can be reduced as this fuel is non-toxic, odourless, and biologically degradable.


Also good to know is that we have invested in a total of 18 electric charging points and a quick charging station to support guests’ E-mobility.

The topic of the avoidance of rubbish in the mountains comes up again and again. Going under the motto “whatever you take up the mountain, you have to bring back down”, in future more will be done to make guests more aware of the issue. For example, all media channels will be used, including the “Mountain of Senses” hiking map, to convey the message that there are no rubbish bins in the mountains, because there can be no rubbish collection service there.


Another measure taken to avoid rubbish in the mountains is the BikePark action “Roll-off not Tear-off”.
* Tear-offs (disposable plastic films for bike goggles) are not permitted in the BikePark.

*  On rainy days, when bikers purchase a ticket, they are given a replacement film for a Roll-Off system and a 10% discount voucher for Roll-Off goggles in the sports shop at the bottom station.


Over the last year, the Leoganger Bergbahnen have placed emphasis on the topic of “waste separation”, and carried the concept through from the mountains down into the valley. In summer 2022 there was a Bike community initiative once a month that went under the title “Clean the trail day”, highlighting the issue, and following various routes down into the valley once lifts had closed for the day.

Printed media produced by the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn and the Saalfelden Leogang Touristik GmbH constantly varies when it comes to size, paper type, and efficiency. Production is always tailored to suit the needs of guests, taking care that only the necessary amount is printed. It is planned that more and more will be in digital form, setting new standards in sustainability for the future. Thanks to various apps (Home Of Lässig APP NEW from 2022/23 season) that are already in use, providing guests with information, we are on the right track. When producing printed media that is necessary, care is taken to print in an environmentally friendly and climate neutral way.

Another measure taken to avoid rubbish in the mountains is the BikePark action “Roll-off not Tear-off”.


* Tear-offs (disposable plastic films for bike goggles) are not permitted in the BikePark.

*  On rainy days, when bikers purchase a ticket, they are given a replacement film for a Roll-Off system and a 10% discount voucher for Roll-Off goggles in the sports shop at the bottom station.

Our “Clean the trail days" are a good example. On 3 days in the season, Bikepark visitors are invited, together with the bike rescue team, bikes school guides, and Leogang Bike Club athletes, to clear all rubbish from the lines and trails and surroundings. Lots of hard-working volunteers come to help comb the area, collecting what doesn’t belong in nature, and enjoying a pizza together to round off the day.

LEO-mobil is an initiative whereby the Leogang Gemeinde, together with the support of the Leoganger Bergbahnen and other partners, offer a simple and environmentally friendly car sharing system at very attractive prices for businesses and their employees, as well as for individuals. The car sharing initiative is open to anyone from the age of 18 with a valid driving licence. On registration, users receive access data for the booking platform, and a keycard which gives access to the car. A LEO-mobil can then be booked simply online using a car sharing reservation app.

An important sustainability factor in a region is also social support.


The action group “Loigom hoit zomm” (Leogang works together) shows just how strong this support is in the region. The group organises quick, non-bureaucratic and professional support in all sorts of situations where help is needed. This ranges from voluntary help through to sustainable projects concerning mobility, including the Carsharing initiative LEO- mobil. Every winter since 2018 the Leoganger Bergbahnen have run a donation campaign to support the group. This has the aim of encouraging people to donate the deposit for their ski ticket (keycard) when they have finished skiing. Donation boxes can be found in lots of accommodation providers and at the ticket offices, making donating very simple. Put your card in, and you’ve donated €2!


The Leoganger Bergbahnen has been rewarded with the seal of quality "Beste Österreichische Sommer-Bergbahn" (“Austria’s Best Summer Mountain Lifts”).


Over 60 outstanding summer lifts guarantee experiences second to none. Are you yearning for adventure, enjoyment, art, a family idyll or unique panoramas? Over 60 summer lifts in Austria promise opportunities beyond compare, bringing the mountains to life for each and every visitor. Through its initiative Beste Österreichische Sommer-Bergbahnen (“Austria’s Best Summer Mountain Lifts”), the lift division of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce gives recognition only to those companies which offer quality-certified experiences and meet a set of stringent criteria. Regular inspections guarantee that these companies live up to their promise of exceptional quality. The palette of opportunities extends from beautiful theme hikes and near-natural downhill trails for mountain bikers, to magical restaurants treating guests to magnificent panoramas. The ideal foundation, in other words, for truly authentic mountain experiences.

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