3 Top businesses already looking at the future of energy in “2050”.

Wednesday, 17.07.2019

3 Top businesses already looking at the future of energy in “2050”.

The Leogang lift company, the Trumer brewery, the firm Keil-Nirndl and a further 30 companies have joined the province as partners of “Salzburg 2050”, looking at the future.

“More and more Salzburg businesses are striving to be more energy-efficient, playing an important part in environmental protection, energy conservation, and in securing our livelihood” stated Schellhorn and emphasised that “thanks to this joint approach, everyone benefits: province, institutions, businesses, the environment, and the people of Salzburg.”

The Leogang lift company has for the first time integrated an implementation programme, “adapting to climate change” into the partnership. This is all about the lift company developing concrete measures to adapt to climate change. This includes the efficient use of water and other possible measures to react quickly to heavy bouts of precipitation. It also involves the development of alternatives and improving the range on offer to tourists, especially in the transition times between seasons. Schellhorn: “Adapting to climate change is becoming more and more important. I am convinced that the realisations of this partnership and measures that are to be taken will also have positive benefits for other ski areas and tourism industries.”

The Leogang lift company has been very active in the area of energy efficiency since 2008. Several awards from the province and association over recent years have motivated us to have the right approach for the future in the areas of mobility and adapting to climate change, and in doing so to achieve the targets set by the province of Salzburg” explains Kornel Grundner.

The “Salzburg 2050” programme is directed at businesses based in the province of Salzburg. In order to make Salzburg carbon neutral, energy autonomous, and sustainable by the year 2050, partners support the aims of the climate and energy strategy of the province. This means 100% electricity and heat from renewable sources and 0% greenhouse gas emissions.

As support, the province is offering grants to partner businesses and also expert and organisational assistance. The “umwelt service Salzburg” (Salzburg environmental service) is offering support in the form of advice from highly qualified staff, with 75% financial support for Salzburg 2050 partner businesses.


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