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Team Saalfelden Leogang Tourismus

General Manager

Marco Pointner, MBA
Guest Information

Carmen Stöckl

Guest information Saalfelden

Martina Baumgartner

Guest information Saalfelden

Andrea Neumayr

Guest information Leogang & childcare

Stefanie Aigner

Guest information Leogang

Manuela Klingelberger

Guest Information Saalfelden

Stefan Kaufmann

Incoming lead & sales management
Marketing & Events

Mag. Katharina Auer, BSc

authorized officer | marketing director

Daniela Neumayer

cultural management

Thomas Wurzinger

marketing nature and sport

Kristina Seer, MSc

Online- & Contentmarketing

Martina Ellmauer, BA

Marketing & Assistance to the management
Management Services
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Team Leoganger Bergbahnen

Kornel Grundner

+43 6583 8219-18

Sebastian Madreiter

+43 664 530 296

Georg Brandtner

+43 6583 8219-20
Ing. operations director, authorized signatory

Hannes Buchner

+43 676 88 219 207
Plant Manager Assistant and employee representative

Andreas Loipold-Schernthaner

+43 676 88 219 245
Technical Assistant

Josef Dum

+43 676 88 219 204
Plant Manager Assistant

Berrie van de Kolk

+43 6583 8219-21
Marketing and Office Manager

Friederike Mader

+43 6583 8219-15
Management Info

Anita Unterrainer

+43 6583 8219-11
Cash desk management

Claudia Weitlaner

+43 6583 8219-26

Gudrun Innerhofer

+43 6583 8219-10
Payroll accounting, employees

Stefanie Altacher

+43 6583 8219-23
Social Media - Marketing und Events

Linda Hasenauer

+43 6583 8219-19
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