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Hike the contrasts
Mountain of senses

Feel your senses on the Leoganger Asitz!

The Asitz mountain “Berg der Sinne” (Mountain of Senses) in Leogang is all about experiences - large, little, loud, quiet, fast, and slow - stimulating and activating all of your senses. Genuine “aha” experiences are provided by nature itself, and are sure to leave long-lasting impressions on all visitors, whatever their age.

Fancy some action? Absolutely no problem, but this is also a place you can also discover quite the opposite: beautiful peace and tranquility. Enjoy listening to the sound of water as you take in the views of the impressive mountains around you and ponder awhile. It is the variety that makes this place so special. The Mountain of Senses is a place of adrenaline and rest, loud and quiet, exercise and relaxation, all in close proximity to each other.

Events on the Mountain of Senses

Die Tanzgeiger

TONspur concert I - Tanzgeiger & Pfiifestier & Kraxenbacher Bläser

Die Tanzgeiger, well-known and loved for their Saalfelden Kathreintanz events, perform on the Asitz in a new formation, but as lively as ever. They...
30. June 2022

TONspur concert II - Ganes

Ganes – These 3 singing “mermaids” (freely translated from the original Ladin) from Gadertal, supported by a guitarist, never cease to enchant...
14. July 2022
Die Strottern & Blech

TONspur concert III - Die Strottern & Blech

Klemens Lendl and David Müller have been dusting off both the content and music of Viennese song for over 20 years. When “Blech” joins them to...
28. July 2022
Kapelle SO&SO

TONspur concert IV - Kapelle SO&SO

Those who were lucky enough to attend the concert at the reservoir with the 6 superb musicians in Kapelle So&So know what to expect! These performers...
14. August 2022
Roland Neuwirth

Concert V - Roland Neuwirth & Die Wiener Theatermusiker

TONspur audiences experienced “Sternstunden” with Roland Neuwirth on the stage at the reservoir and in the AsitzBräu. It’s now some years...
11. August 2022