A perfect family day on the Mountain of the senses


Float up the mountain to the top station of the Steinbergbahn and join the Leos Game Trail with Leo's puzzle hunt. After an exciting walk, choose whether you want to have a ride on the musical toboggan run, enjoy a lunch break in a mountain restaurant or take a gondola to the Senses Park at the Asitz mid station.

After that, take the Asitzbahn and Steinbergbahn lifts to get back, or alternatively ride on the Asitzbahn to the bottom station and take a look at the Riders Playground.


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Free “Senses Shuttle”


During the holiday period from 5 July to 15 September 2024, we offer a shuttle bus service
from the Asitzbahn to the Steinbergbahn every 15 minutes from 01.00 pm to 05.00 pm.
The journey takes only about 5 minutes.

Your perfect family day out


on the Mountain of Senses in Leogang

Veranstaltungen für Familien

Asitz Sonnenwende - Birnhornblick | © Leoganger Bergbahnen

Midsummer bonfire at the Asitz

Watch the burning of the fire on the mountain chains of the Leoganger Steinberge and the Steinernen Meer from 10.00 pm onwards. In a radius of 360°...
22. June 2024
Sinne Park

Guided Tour of the Senses Park

Let us tell you an exciting legend about the Leoganger mountains and introduce you to the mountain panorama. Come and experience how gongs and a...
01. June - 30. September 2024
Kinderprogramm | © Michael Geißler

Make a picture frame

Kids programme Every Monday, young hobbyists can spend a creative afternoon in the Senses Park. Be inspired by the colourful, a wide range of...
03. July - 28. August 2024
Kinderprogramm | © Michael Geißler

Painting workshop

Every child is an artist in our painting workshop. There is time here to give children free rein in their creative ideas and imagination. Through a...
03. July - 28. August 2024
Kinderprogramm | © Michael Geißler

Tiffany Crafts

We begin by carefully filing the edges of colourful pieces of glass into the desired form, then melt the individual pieces together to form a mini...
05. July - 30. August 2024

Baking Flat Bread in the Senses Park

The corn is ground on a stone table, just as it used to be done in the stone age, to see where the flour comes from, and we then knead the dough to...
04. June - 29. September 2024
Kinderprogramm | © Michael Geißler

Design colourful Leo T-Shirts

The children can create their own wearable work of art, and take their finished shirt home with them. This is a great activity whatever the weather....
06. July - 31. August 2024

Herb walk from Leogang to Saalbach

Details about the programme will follow as soon as possible.
05. July 2024

Kids party

Programminfos folgen.
21. July 2024

Herb walk from Saalbach to Leogang

Programme will follow as soon as possible.
02. August 2024
Kids Race-181_low

VPACE Kids Cup

A mini race series for bike-loving kids. The organiser is the LeoGang bike club.  This is the perfect format for children between the ages five...
13. September - 14. September 2024

Welcome to the Mountain of Senses