Weekly programme and events

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We are pleased that you are interested in the varied offer at the Asitz!

Guides Tour of the Senses Park 

In June, July, August, September and October

Daily  (in dry weather) at 11.00 am, 02.00 pm and 03.00 pm (duration approx. 20 min)

Let us tell you an exciting legend about the Leogang mountains and introduce you to the mountain panorama.
Come and experience how gongs and a singing bowl can show you that sound is not just something you hear, but also something that you feel.


Baking Flat Bread in the Senses Park

Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 01.30 pm in dry weather.
Meeting place Baking Oven in Sinne Park - from June to 20.10.2024 

The corn is ground on a stone table, just as it used to be done in the stone age, to see where the flour comes from, and we then knead the dough to form it into “Fladen” flat bread.

Delicious! The flat bread comes out of the oven crispy and brown, and as we eat the bread together, enjoy listening to legends based around the Leogang mountains.

Our stone bread baking oven is outdoors in the Senses Park, which means that “Fladenbrot” baking only takes place in dry weather on Sunday,, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Handcraft your own picture frame

Monday at 01.30 pm (duration approx. 2 h) in July & August.
Meeting point: Stöcklalm, in all weathers

Every Monday, young hobbyists can spend a creative afternoon in the Senses Park. Be inspired by the colourful, wide range of materials available to use in your creation. We love seeing what imaginative ideas spring up, but above all, fun is the key factor. Handcraft your own picture frame and take it home with you as a souvenir, and use it for your favourite photo, for example.
The photo frame making sessions take place on the terrace of the Stöcklalm on Monday afternoons, and in the Stöcklalm if it is raining.

Painting workshop - Paint different bottles

Wednesday at 01.30 pm (duration approx. 2 h) in July & August.
Meeting point Stöcklalm, in all weathers

Every child is an artist in our painting workshop. There is time here to give children free rein in their creative ideas and imagination.
Through a process of painting, blotting, and daubing, a small work of art can soon be created. There is a wide range of different materials and objects available such as glass bottles that can be decorated by the young artists. The meeting point for the painting workshop is on Tuesday afternoons in the Senses Park, even if it happens to rain.

Tiffany Crafts 

Friday at 01.30 pm (duration approx. 2 h) in July & August.
Meeting point Stöcklalm, in all weathers

We begin by carefully filing the edges of colourful pieces of glass into the desired form, then melt the individual pieces together to form a mini work of art. The leaders of the workshops always come up with new, creative ideas.
The model making programme in the Senses Park at the Stöcklalm takes place every Friday afternoon, whatever the weather.

Design colourful Leo T-Shirts

Saturday at 01.30 pm (duration approx. 2 h) in July & August.
Meeting point Stöcklalm, in all weathers

The children can create their own wearable work of art, and take their finished shirt home with them. This is a great activity whatever the weather. To take part, come to the Senses Park at the Stöcklalm on a Saturday afternoon.

TEH Kräuterworkshop

Every Wednesday 10.00 am to 12.00 pm - from 22.05.2024
(weather permitting until mid of October)  - 
Meeting point Stöcklalm
Price: € 10,00 per person, Registration until Wednesday 04.30 pm & payment at the Info Office Asitz lift Tel: +43 6583 8219

Tips from our TEH herbal expert Sonja Schwaiger from 20.05.2024
every Monday and Wednesday from 01.00 pm


Events on the Mountain of Senses

Asitz Sonnenwende - Birnhornblick | © Leoganger Bergbahnen

Midsummer bonfire at the Asitz

Watch the burning of the fire on the mountain chains of the Leoganger Steinberge and the Steinernen Meer from 10.00 pm onwards. In a radius of 360°...
22. June 2024

Hiking Trail of Arts Opening

The Hiking Trail of Arts from the top station of the Asitz lift to the mid station of the Asitz lift is dedicated to a different theme each...
16. June 2024
Kopie von Wieder,Gansch_Paul_3_(c)_Lukas_Beck

TONspur concert I - Die Wiener Brut

"Music and rhythm find their way to the most secret places of the soul." (Plato) Thomas Gansch, founder member of Mnozil Brass, and Leonhard...
27. June 2024

Herb walk from Leogang to Saalbach

Details about the programme will follow as soon as possible.
05. July 2024

TONspur concert II - Die Wiener Brut

"Music is the stenography of feeling."  (Leo Tolstoy) The Wiener Brut, with singer Katharina Hohenberger, is dedicating its music to the...
11. July 2024

Kids party

Programminfos folgen.
21. July 2024

TONspur concert III - Lila House

"Singing and playing stringed instruments, the greatest friends of human life." (Goethe) "Lila House is Heidelore Wallisch-Schauer, known as an...
25. July 2024

TONspur concert IV - Steve 'n' Seagulls

"Music washes the dust of everyday life from the soul." (Berthold Auerbach) Playing bluegrass versions of great classic rock anthems using an...
01. August 2024

Herb walk from Saalbach to Leogang

Programme will follow as soon as possible.
02. August 2024
Barockensemble der Wiener Symphoniker & Solisten

TONspur concert V - Barockensemble der Wiener Symphoniker & Solisten

"Music says the unspeakable."   (Friedrich Smetana)  The baroque ensemble of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1989 to present a...
08. August 2024
Kids Race-181_low

VPACE Kids Cup

A mini race series for bike-loving kids. The organiser is the LeoGang bike club.  This is the perfect format for children between the ages five...
13. September - 14. September 2024

auner Austrian Gravity Series

The auner Austrian Gravity Series is an Austrian downhill cup for all riders. The races can be completed with little effort and intend to provide an...
05. October 2024
Waldbaden_Copyright Günter Standl

Waldbaden am Asitz

„WALDBADEN mit Maria“ Waldbadenexpertin, TEH-Kräuterexpertin & Bergwander-Führerin Maria Leutgeb entführt dich aus dem Alltag in eine ganz spezielle...
09. July 2024