Hiking Trail of Arts


The Hiking Trail of Arts will be on display from 16.06.2024 to around 20.10.2024. The trail can still be used depending on the weather and snow conditions.

Hiking duration: approx. 1:00h


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The Fieberbrunn artist and photographer Toni Niederwieser is the creator of the Art Trail 2024, entitled BERG.SPIEL.

Where does photography begin, and where does it end?

It’s a question that’s difficult to answer when one looks at Toni Niederwieser's photographs.

Yes, it's all about the moment when light, mood, season and also the chosen image have to come together perfectly and harmonise.

Once a motif has been photographed, a new phase begins for the photographer.

What does the motif tell us apart from the first impression it gives? What remains that needs to be brought out or concealed?

This is when experimentation in photography begins, whether it be through the use of filters, colour processing or working with brushes, acrylics, chalk or ink. Toni Niederwieser carries this out purposefully and meticulously. His vision mixes reality with impression, with chance also playing a part. The photographer becomes an artist.

After analogue processing of the print, a process begins. The artist goes more or less into isolation with the picture, lets his imagination run wild, and ultimately paves the way for a new perspective for the viewer.

Playing with the mountains, with nature, with water, flowing or frozen, playing with colours, sharpening and blurring are characteristics that crop up throughout the exhibition, and which we cordially invite you to discover. Step by step, along the path.

The Hiking Trail of Arts offers a unique setting for doing this.