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Hiking Trail of Arts

The hiking trail of Arts from the top station and mid station of the Asitz lift is dedicated to a different theme each year.


Immerse yourself in a world of images that delights the heart, embedded in unspoiled nature.

The Hiking Trail of Arts between the top and mid station of the Asitz lift, designed by Salzburg artist Andrea Maria Reiser surprises, touches all the senses and is an invitation to connect with art and nature.

Further details:

Take the Asitz lift or the Steinberg lift up to the top station at 1760 m. This wonderful forest path begins below the Asitz top station, above the “Peaceful Water” water park and leads to the Park of Senses at the mid station of the Asitz lift.  

Every 30 to 40 m along the route there are pictures by the current year’s exhibitor, Andrea Maria Reisinger, inviting you to take a closer look and enjoy a little rest.  The artworks will be on display until 17.10.2021. Each year the path is dedicated to a new theme. Local and international artists have the opportunity of exhibiting their pictures here.

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