Peaceful Waters at the Asitz

Find out all about water. The crystal clear reservoir above the mid station of the Asitz lift is nestled beautifully in the surrounding mountain scenery. The sight of the light reflecting on the water with the Leogang mountains in the background has a soothing effect. The Kneipp area offers you the chance of sensing cold water on your body, the stepping stones are wonderful for practising balance, and the path around the lake invites you to take a stroll, then relax on the loungers on the lakeside or enjoy the remarkable view from the amazing floating platform. 

Just relax for one moment ...

The “Störhölzer”

On the uppermost plateau of the reservoir you can see round wooden elements rising out of the ground in different ways, the so-called “Störhölzer”. These add an artistic element and give a source of inspiration for contemplation.

The chapel