On tour with a dog

Lena Schindler was on tour with her husband Michael and dog Luggi in Saalfelden Leogang. In this article she explains what you should consider when vacationing with a dog and how they spent their short vacation in the SalzburgerLand.

Out and about

Being outside, fresh air and lots of exercise - this is not only good for us humans, it is also usually great fun for our four-legged friends! So especially when vacationing in mountain regions, you can very well arrive together with your fur nose and spend a great time.

Tour planning with dog

If you want to take your dog with you on a mountain tour, you should consider a few basic things in advance, which should be self-evident with reasonable planning. Point number one: Consider him as a full-fledged part of your hiking or running group and take him into consideration! You should also think about the following points:

  • Which tour will it be? Are all participants fit enough for the upcoming distance and altitude? How is the trail condition? If in doubt, ask the tourist information office for advice if you are unsure about the difficulty of the trails you have chosen.
  • Pay attention to the weather forecast! Extreme conditions such as cold and heat are not only a problem for us hikers or trail runners. In the summer, if necessary, adjust your start time so you're not out at the hottest time of the day or choose a trail that's shaded.
  • Pack enough food for the dog, too: Water and maybe some food - depending on how long you will be running or hiking. Are there opportunities to fill up on water along the way (hut stops) or streams or springs you can use for this?
  • What are the local regulations? Where is it compulsory to have a leash, where are there possibly free running areas? Remember that you will also need to collect and take away any droppings (especially in grazing areas!).
  • Keep in mind that there may be cows grazing on your route. Other wildlife (chamois, marmots, ...) may also pique your dog's interest. Be prepared for this!

On tour with Luggi

How does it work with us? My dog Luggi has been used to accompanying me on my hiking and trail running tours for years. I have slowly increased the distance - a dog, like a human being, has to be well trained to master long tours. It is not a good idea for a four-legged friend to go on a day tour just like that. By now we are a well-coordinated team and I know what he can do and what he enjoys.

A weekend in Saalfelden Leogang with dog

During our weekend (my husband Michael, dog Luggi and I) in Leogang, the weather god was not quite gracious to us and the conditions were wet and damp, but not too cold. As dog owners, we' re used to being outdoors in more than just sunshine, so the forecast didn't deter us. However, the routes that I actually wanted to do in advance were rather rocky and difficult and unfortunately have to wait for the next, hopefully dry trip to the region. We finally decided on two tours that are also recommended by the tourist board. They are classified as "moderately difficult" and seemed suitable for us and the conditions. We found inspiration on the tour portal at www.saalfelden-leogang.com.

Listen to the Locals

We were very lucky that Andreas from the Tannenhof could give us very detailed information about the routes (he also had a little idea how to make the routes even more beautiful) and so we had with a tour to the Spielberghorn and to the Birnbachloch two beautiful and very different tours that will remain in our memory for a long time. Worth gold was in this case also the dog towel in the car! Wetness in exercise is not so problematic, but if the four-legged friends then no longer move, they can cool down quickly.

There is no bad weather, only bad equipment

The rain also had good sides: On Saturday we actually met no one during the almost four hours and we were alone all the time on the road. In addition, the colors of the many flowers below the Spielberghorn shone especially beautiful and created together with the clouds a great atmosphere. The little Luggi didn't mind the rain either, he especially thrives then, as he doesn't like really warm temperatures that much. Sunday morning remained contrary to the weather forecast even almost completely dry and the rock scenery that accompanied us on the way to the Birnbachloch, was really impressive! Due to the abundant rainfall of the last few days, the stream naturally had a lot of water and literally roared into the valley. The rather short tour was ideal for the departure day, as we could still start the journey home in a relaxed atmosphere. It was really a wonderful weekend in Saalfelden Leogang and we will be very happy to come back - maybe then also with some sunshine!

Pictures & text by Lena Schindler