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Hiking tour to the natural monument Birnbachloch and the Birnbachlochgletscher, one of the lowest glaciers in Central Europe. This tour is popular for its marvellous and nearly untouched nature at the bottom of the mountains Leoganger Steinberge.

The hiking tour starts in the Ullachtal valley in Leogang and guides you through a forest, then across green meadows and finally through a slightly more rocky terrain up to the Birnbachloch (1219 m). The Birnbachloch is a karst spring with a 20 m wide "entrance hall", where the Birnbach river has its spring. Close to the Birnbachloch, the Birnbachgletscher is located, one of the lowest glaciers in Central Europe. In the 19th century, the glacier was used to fill up the ice cellars of Munich beer breweries. The ice was transported to the valley via several hundred meter long wooden slides.

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