Wandern in Saalfelden Leogang | © Michael Geißler
Hike the contrasts
Plan your mountain tours the easy way

Hiking map of Saalfelden Leogang

Tour planning made easy: The hiking map provides you with select hiking routes for three different skill levels plus plenty of additional information including route details such as distance, altitude difference and duration. In addition, the hiking map contains a selection of themed hiking trails for special outdoor experiences.

Easy hiking trails through the Pinzgau region

Hike across picturesque Alpine pastures and find out more about the production of alpine farm goods during a guided tour. Take a leisurely stroll around Lake Ritzensee and savour the impressive 360-degree views. Or how about experiencing unforgettable moments at the Mountain of Senses?

Easy hikes to the most beautiful sports of Saalfelden and Leogang offer perfect opportunities to combine exercise with pleasure.

Our tip for pleasure-seekers: Sweet desserts or savoury sandwiches taste even better with breathtaking mountain views as a backdrop.

Discover easy hikes in Saalfelden Leogang

Intermediate hikes: scenic tours between the Grasberge and Leogang mountains

Thrilling, scenic high-altitude trails that lead across mountain ridges and Alpine pastures. Circular hikes peppered with culinary delights and action-fuelled highlights such as a ride on the summer toboggan run at Biberg mountain. Varied, moderately steep trails make the intermediate hikes of the region a perfect choice for guests of all ages.

Go to the intermediate hikes

More challenging hikes: Alpine mountain adventures

Are you looking for a hiking adventure? Then you have come to the right place! There are many challenging hikes waiting for you in Saalfelden Leogang, for instance the tour up to Riemannhaus in the Steinernes Meer mountains. Or how about a fascinating hike on the “Saalfeldener Höhenweg” trail with its numerous climbing passages? The varied ascent to Passauer Hütte also gives you access to countless summit tours that can be reached via various via ferratas.

Challenging hikes in the mountains of the Pinzgau region

Fascinating hiking experiences: themed hiking trails in Saalfelden Leogang

The themed hiking trails of Saalfelden Leogang offer perfect opportunities to combine hiking with history and art. For instance, you can …

  • … find out more about Saalfelden’s past on a historic discovery tour.
  • … recharge your batteries on the “Path of Silence” that leads you past the churches of Saalfelden.
  • ... solve the great puzzle hunt on Leo's game trail with fun and excitement.
  • ... and much more!

Discover the region’s themed hiking trails

Rules for safe hiking

  • Listen to your body: Hiking can be exhausting, so pick your pace to suit everyone in the group!
  • Plan ahead to minimise risks: Knowing about the total distance, altitude difference and difficulty level of your planned hike is just as important as checking the weather forecast in advance.
  • Bring the right equipment: rain and sun protection, plenty to drink and a first-aid kit. Pack everything you might need but try to keep your bag from getting too heavy.
  • Don’t forget to take a break (and drink): Take regular breaks and use them to recharge your batteries. A win-win situation: A short break is the perfect opportunity to fuel up for the rest of your hike with a small snack while enjoying the splendid views.
  • Respect the signs: For your own safety and that of other guests, hiking trails are clearly marked. Please stay on these marked trails! This helps you to avoid getting lost and to prevent falls. By the way: Steep old-snow fields are particularly dangerous!
  • Keep an eye on the weather: Discontinue your hike if storm clouds are starting to form!
  • Be careful when hiking with children: Difficult routes that require lots of concentration are not suitable for children. Rather choose a varied and safe tour that is all about playful exploration!
  • Respect grazing animals: Do not disturb wild or grazing animals in their natural habitat! For instance, mother cows can get aggressive when you try to pet or feed their young.
  • Keep your dog on the lead: If you bring along your four-legged friend, keep him on the lead and don’t let him near grazing animals!
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