Cross-country skiing - a child's play

You can really take the headline literally at the Nordic Park in Saalfelden. Here the kids can learn cross-country skiing with consummate ease and a lot of fun and action awaits you there. In this arctile we tell you, why the Nordic Park is not only suitable for kids. 

Fun & Snow Park

The Fun and Snow Park in Saalfelden is known far beyond the country's borders and was expanded in 2021. Based on a proven system of the Swiss Ski Federation, 22 stations were installed at the Fun and Snow Park, where children as well as adults can learn and improve cross-country skiing. The offers range from giant slalom to slalom and different jumps, which you can all discover and accomplish with your cross-country skiing skis. The tasks are not easy, but when you fall: Stand up again - smile - try again!

Not only for children

Yes, you have read correctly: The Nordic Park is suitable for chrildren AND adults. One thing is sure: You can always start with cross-country skiing. After one hour with a guide, we can really recommend the Fun & Snow Park in Saalfelden. When you try to accomplish the different tasks, you are so concentrated that you learn how to cross-country ski incidentally.

Thrilling riddles for motivated cross-country skiers

After you discovered the Fun & Snow Park and you feel like you can start to discover the cross-country skiing courses, try the courses around the lake Ritzensee. Another surprise awaits the kids along the way. At the starting point of the course you can get yourself a card with riddles on it. You can go on tour, together with our cross-country skiing lion Leo. Along the course, you find seven stations with tricky riddles. If you know the answer, you get one letter per station, which you can fill in at your card directly at the different stations. At the end of the course, all letters together reveal a password. Take your riddle card and the password with you to the Tourist Office in Saalfelden and you get a surprise. This is the ideal end of a family day at the Nordic Park in Saalfelden