The highly enjoyable nordic lifestyle

Biathlet Christina Rieder fully understands why always more and more people admire the nordic lifestyle. She lives it since she has been a child. 

A litlle girl, who tries to cross-country ski with a sporting gun on her back - seems funny when you try to picture that in your mind, however that's exactly what we have in mind when Christina Rieder talks about her childhood. However, it has not been really like this, but it is true that she accompanied her sister to the cross-country skiing training when she was only seven years old. And that's when she already tried shooting for the first time. "I definitely liked cross-country skiing from the first moment on. Together with shooting it was much more funnier."

A sport for old-age pensioners?

Around the year 2000, biathlon and cross-country skiing were not really popular or modern sports. Especially cross-country skiing was seen as sport for old-age pensioners, apart from the ones who did cross-country skiing professionally. Christina definitely belonged to the ones who did the sport professionally. When we would have had the chance to ask the seven year old Christina what she would want to be as a grown-up, her answer would have been: "Olympic champion!" Until she reaches this goal, it is a long way to go, however, she is already on the right way. In 2011 she won the bronze medal at the youth world championships, in 2016 she was able to collect her first points for the world cup and her participation at the world championships was secured. Christina is not really surprised that biathlon and cross-country skiing are so popular nowadays. A lot of people like to watch the sport on TV or live at the different races. "Biathlon is a super thrilling sport - until the last shootings everything can happen. That's the reason why there are always many favourites. This is particularly interessting for the spectators."

Fascination Biathlon

Nowadays many people practice the biathlon and cross-country skiing themselves, which is why it is so fascinating. Cross-country skiing no longer is a sport which is just for pensioners. You can see and feel this especially in Saalfelden Leogang, where cross-country skiiing is really popular. When you are on your way on the cross-country skiing courses at the Nordic Park at the lake Ritzensee, you meet young ones as well as eldery ones, beginners as well as pros, advanced skiiers as well as the ones who started again. And of course, you meet ice skaters, hikers and pedestrians and fans of tobogganing. "The Nordic Park offers so many different opportunities of sports. And the lakes makes the landscape even more beautiful," says Christina, who is filled with enthusiasm because of the offers for the kids, such as the Fun & Snow Park. "These things are really special. The kids have fun and it is a good training for them." 

Nordic Lifestyle in Saalfelden Leogang

Generally, cross-country skiing is an ideal training. "Not any other sport hardens your muscels, makes your body more elastic and agile and gives you better circumspection and skillfullness and strenthens the willpower in the same way than cross-country skiing does," explained polar explorer and winner of the Nobel Peace Price Fritjof Nansen already 120 years ago. Christina is also of the opinion that these aspects are the main reason why the nordic lifestyle came all the way from Scandinavia to Saalfelden Leogang. "Nowadays the people are more aware of their lifestyle in general. They are socially and environmentally aware of their lifestyle and live more healthier and cross-country skiing fits in perfectly. At the same time the experience in the nature is important too," says Christina Rieder. "The ones who live the nordic lifestyle like to expolre their limits, but at the same time like to enjoy their lives."