The Nordic Park at lake Ritzensee

The Nordic Park at lake Ritzensee really is the perfect place for winter activities. Visitors can choose between six possible activities and furthermore they can enjoy the fantastic view of the snow-white landscape in Saalfelden. The lake Ritzensee alone already was an ideal place to leave your sorrows at home and just enjoy nature. However, now that there is the Nordic Park, the area around lake Ritzensee is even more attractive than it already was before. 

1. Cross country-skiing

In Saalfelden Leogang you can choose between 150 kilometres of cross-country skiing courses. The courses are perfectly groomed and they are suited for beginners as well as for pros. There are, for example the Kollingwald course, a medium one, or the racing course, which is 4,7km long and really demanding, for those of you who like to cross-country ski in the forest and across meadows. Even the ones who like to go cross-country skiing at night find a suitable course at the Nordic Park. The Flutlicht Loipe Ritzensee, which is located directly at lake Ritzensee and is illuminated until 10 pm, is 1,8 km long.

2. The Fun and Snow Park

At the Fun and Snow Park at lake Ritzensee, even the younger ones get motivated to learn cross-country skiing. There are small hills and easy slopes and curves, which are perfectly suited for beginners. The ones who are responsible for grooming the courses and preparing the hills and curves are aware of the fact that it is the most important thing for the kids to have fun and enjoy their time at the Fun and Snow Park. 

3. Winter hiking

Feel the snow under your feet and breath in the frosty and cold winter air. At the Nordic Park at lake Ritzensee there are three circular trails, which are perfectly suited for every kind of hiking adventure. Winter hiking is a special adventure and you definitely should not miss it, when you are on vacation here in Saalfelden Leogang. For beginners, we recommend to walk around lake Ritzensee, which takes you approximately half an hour. If you like more, you can walk the Lettingrunde trail, which is 7,1 kilometres long. Moreover, there is also the trail Haidrunde, which is 11,8 kilometres long. During this hike, you can enjoy the winterwonderland of the forest Kollingwald and the fascinating atmosphere of the lake. 

4. Pirouettes on the skating rink

On lake Ritzensee you can try and go ice skating. The thick ice is perfectly suited for ice skating. And a special highlight: The skating rink is open daily until 20.30 and it is illuminated at night. Seize your opportunity and try ice skating in the dark. A very special atmosphere prevails there. 

5. Cross-country skiing and biathlon

At the Nordic Park at lake Ritzensee, you can not only try cross-country skiing, but you can also learn how to do biathlon. This combination of cross-country skiing and shooting gets more popular everyday. Pros like Simon Eder, Sven Grossegger and Christina Rieder also like to train at the Nordic Park. So if you like to compete with others and try out biathlon, you are exactly at the right place here in Saalfelden Leogang. Even younger ones can join the weekly training of the HSV and try out the sport. 

6. Eat & enjoy

After all kinds of winter sports, you definitely need a delicious and tasty meal. Winter activities make hungry and thirsty. At the Nordic Park at lake Ritzensee in Saalfelden there are three restaurants, where you can satifsy your hunger. At the restaurant Ritzensee, which is directly located at lake Ritzensee and offers an incredible view of the lake, you can enjoy regional and seasonal meals. At the restaurant Klampfererhof you can order tasty austrian and homemade meals. Moreover, you can also enjoy a delicious meal at the hotel 4*s Ritzenhof. There they serve high qualitiy meals and take all your intolerances into consideration. 

Pictures: Klampfererhof, Robert Kittel, Florian Lechner, Foto Bauer, Sportalpen