First aid and behaviour on the mountains - Things you need to know from Johann Embacher from the mountain rescue team

An adventurous experience on the mountain is a safe experience. However, it is clear that when you are on your way in nature, anything can happen. How to reduce the risk of injuries and most importantly what to do when something happened, tells us Johann Embacher (Hans), head of the mountain rescue team of Leogang. 

Planning is essential

"Before starting your hiking tour, it is crucial to plan your tour," says Hans. What do you have to take into consideration? The weather forecast, a good equipment, high hiking shoes, appropriate clothing (also in summer a pair of long hiking trousers), waterproof clothes, maps, a cell phone, snacks and enough to drink (have a look at the article: How to pack your backbag right). It is also recommended to tell your familiy or your host before leaving the house where you are hiking to and when you approximately get back home. "Furthermore, it is important to listen to your body while hiking, so that you do not overestimate yourself. Sometimes, for example when the weather is not quite right, going back home is the best solution. The motto 'Less is better' is absolutely legitimate here." Hans warns everyone from risky hiking tours. 

Never without a first aid kit

It's crucial to take a first aid kit with you, when you plan to go hiking. According to Hans, in a first aid kit should be the following things: plasters, bandages, sterile coverings for a wound, a triangular bandage, a foil blanket and leucoplast. A bivouac bag should be in it. First aid also means that you know the most important phone numbers, which you should call in case of an emergency. In Austria the european emergency call is 112 or 140. 

What to do in case of emergency?

What can you do in case of an emergency? "When somebody is injured, try to keep calm, give first aid and call for help (140 or 112), try to comfort the injured person and keep them warm and wait for help. Try to draw the rescuers attention to you," says Hans and defines the most important things when someone is injured. When you are allone and injured, the same things should be done if possible. 

An unforgettable mission

The mountaineering recsue team works summer and winter and the rescuers experience some unforgettable missions. One of them has been the search for a small girl. "It was on the 24th of December, on Christmas, when we searched for a small girl at the Asitz mountain in Leogang. It was already dark, but fortunately we could find her without any injuries. This was the most beautiful christmas present for the mountain rescue team."

In 1997 Johann Embacher became a member of the mountain rescue team. After three years of training and a lot of courses, he was responsible for the equipment and later he became the deputy guide for the trainees. In 2013 he became head of the mountain rescue team in Leogang. Together with his team, he rescues numerous people on the mountains. Johann even spends his freetime on the mountains and in the nature. He likes to go ski touring and hiking, climbing, he makes expeditions and likes to go hiking with friends or with his family. 

Pictures: Saalfelden Leogang Touristik