The Schattbergers: Three farmers, one vision

"If meat, then like this" is the credo of three organic farmers from Saalfelden, who together market high-quality organic beef as "Die Schattberger". For them, animal welfare, sustainability and enjoyment take center stage when they raise their animals in compliance with the highest standards on the lush meadows and alpine pastures of the Pinzgau region.

Buying in an uncomplicated way

Especially when it comes to meat, it's worth taking a closer look when shopping: How are the animals kept, where does the feed come from, where and how is slaughtering and processing carried out,...? It is a good feeling to buy directly from the farmer, to exchange a few words and maybe even to have a look into the stable or at the pasture. It is now quite uncomplicated to buy from the Schattbergers, they offer regular appointments (about every 2 weeks) to pick up the meat, send it by mail to all of Austria and continuously make fine pieces of organic beef available for purchase in the farm store of the Jagglhof and in the Saalfeldner Lagerhaus.

Most natural form of cattle farming

"Our cows and calves can move freely all year round, in the winter in the free stall, in the spring and fall on the grassland and the whole summer on the alpine pasture," says Siegfried Deutinger, initiator of the project. The calves grow up with their mothers in the herd and can always drink from them. Siegfried sees this so-called mother cow farming as the most natural form of cattle farming. The Pinzgau, with its herb-rich alpine pastures and lush meadows, is perfect for this form of husbandry. Many areas can thus also be used for farming, which would become overgrown without grazing by the cattle. Reducing transport distances is also particularly important to the organic farmers. Slaughtering takes place on two of the farms, which are only 3 km apart anyway.

Taste is a question of attitude

And of course, enjoyment is not neglected at all. The organic beef is meat from 10 to 12 month old animals, which is particularly fine and juicy, but already has a pleasantly intense beef flavor. It tastes great at a barbecue with friends, in soothing soups for the whole family, as a Sunday roast, in a burger or as spaghetti Bolognese. We wish already times good appetite.

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