The 5 most beautiful hiking tours for families in Saalfelden Leogang

The landscape in Saalfelden Leogang is a paradise for families. There are so many possibilities to go hiking with the whole family. Children love to explore nature and to discover a new adventure under every stone and behind every tree. It's thrilling to cross small rivers, try to balance on fallen over tree trunks and eat fresh strawberries directly from the forests. 

When it's about more than just altitude meters

For children it is more important to discover something new in nature or to make a barbecue than to make the most possible elevation gain or to see the cross at the peak of a mountain. For kids it is more thrilling to transform the mountains into a circus tent and nature into the biggest adventure playground of the world. The region Saalfelden Leogang is the ideal destination for families, because there are special trails for familes and adventurous installations, such as 360° benches or free floating wooden swings. We summarized a few hiking tours for you.

1. Steinalm 

The hiking tour to the Steinalm mountain hut is a really simple family hiking tour, but with stunning views. The majority of the trail leads you through the forest, therefore it is an ideal hike also on hot summer days. The last part of the trail leads across an alpine meadow, where you can meet cows and horses and can find wild herbs. Directly at the Steinalm mountain hut, there is a small playground for children, different animals and you can enjoy a tasty meal 

2. Hike up to the Biberg

This hiking tour is a little longer. From the starting point in Harham, the trail leads you through the romantic forest Heiderbergwald up to the mountain hut Örgenbauernalm, where you can recharge your batteries and have a tasty regional snack. Then you can either hike the same way down, or you prolong your hike and start your way to the mountain restaurant Berggasthof Biberg. From the mountain restaurant Huggenberg, you can take the summer toboggan run down to the valley.

3. Birnbachloch

This impressive hiking trail, which opens in June, leads you from the starting point - the car park Parkplatz Ullachtal - across meadows and through forests and rocky areas to the natural monument Birnbachloch. This is a spring with arises from a huge entrance hall, which is approximately 20 metres wide. Should this not be enough for you, you can also prolong your hike and go on a few hundret metres to the glacier Birnbachlochgletscher, which is the lowest glacier in middle Europe. At the end of the 19th century, workers mined ice here and transported it to Munich, where it was used for the beer breweries. 

TIP: A few metres behind the car park Parkplatz Ullachtal, there is a place for barbecuing, which can be used without any fees. 

4. The Park of Senses at the Asitz mountain 

The Park of Senses is located directly at the middle station of the Asitzbahn cable car. At the Park of Senses, there are more than 30 different stations and installations, where children can explore the world of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. What is it like to hike barefoot on the soil, sand and stones? What do the "voices of the wood" tell us? How does the selfmade bread taste, which smells like heaven? There are so many things you can discover at the Park of Senses. Moreover, the Peaceful Waters are located directly at the middle station as well. It is a lake, which attracts guests as well as locals. There are also many elements to discover around the lake. 

5. The Müllerfuchs

This hike is especially interessting, because it leads to a huge fox head, which is 25 metres wide and 30 metres high and is located high above Leogang. From the starting point at the village center of Leogang, you can reach the fox head on a trail, which leads you through the forests. The fox head is the result of a landscape and culture project, which was made because of a legend. According to this legend, a fox was on his way in the small village Lenzing, and the fox was the soul of a miller, who was a blasphemer and he sacred the people. Only when his widow went on a pilgrimage, he finally was released from his curse. 

TIP: The fox head is illuminated at night and you can see it from different places in Leogang. 

Pictures: Michael Geißler, Peter Kühnl, Josef Miller