The 5 most beautiful hikes in spring

"Nature is awakening again", says mountain guide Markus Mayrhofer about the magic of spring in Saalfelden Leogang. It's time to get your hiking shoes from the cellar, when the days are getting longer again, you feel the sun on your sking and the first flowers start to blossom. But where do you hike in spring? Markus, an experienced and nature loving mountain guide from Leogang, tells us about the 5 most beautiful spring hikes in Saalfelden Leogang, which are suitable for everyone. 

1. For families: Sonnberg trail in Leogang

The name of the trail says it all: The sun is your permanent hiking companion and this is perfect for our health in springtime - especially when hiking in the morning. Starting point of the easy hike is the Steinbergstadion in Leogang. From there you walk in the direktion of the Ullachgraben, then to the Sonnberg and finally to Badhaus. "Nature offers everthing to keep kids busy", says Markus and recommends to take off your shoes and socks while hiking and feel the stones under your feet. Another tip: "Take your pair of binoculars with you!" But not only to observe animals in their natural habitats, but especially to look for avalanches, which might have started at the massif Birnhorn. But be careful not to cross the barrier, which keeps you safe from avalanches! Another highlight for children is going back by train instead of walking back. From the stop "Leogang", which is located near Badhaus, to the stop "Steinberg". 

2. For experienced hikers: hike to Peter-Wiechenthaler mountain hut

If you are already really motivated to go hiking, we recommend a hike to Peter-Wiechenthaler mountain hut. "Due to the trail being exposed to the sun, the snow melts away quickly in sping and the trail can soon be used", tells us Markus. Which equipment do you have to bring along? It's necessary to put on good hiking shoes, because it can always be that there is still snow on the way. It's really recommended to start your tour early in the morning, because the atmosphere at the mountain at this time is unique. Depending on the weather and on the time you start your hike, the mountain hut could already be open. Nothing is better than a breakfast on a mountain hut with an amazing view of the Saalfelden basin. If you miss the snow already in spring, you can discover the massif Leoganger Steinberge and Steinernes Meer together with an experienced mountain guide. However, which tour you finally take, depends on weather and snow conditions. 

3. For lovers: picnic at the Sinnlehenalm

What could be better than having a picnic in the sun in front of a mountain hut with your loved one? "I recommend to buy fresh bread from the Pinzgau region at the local shop Dorfladen in Leogang, tasty cheese and a range of delicious organic cold cuts. Put everything in your backpack and enjoy your snacks after your hike up the the mountain hut Riedlalm. If you are lucky, you find a box filled with cold beverages - what do you need more?" asks Markus. The starting point of this beautiful hike is Dorf Leogang and leads you with a beautiful view over the Leoganger Steinberge to the Sinnlehenalm mountain hut. The hut opens at the beginning of summer, but it is absolutely special to enjoy the silence on the mountains in the sun, far away from the busy valley. 

4. For flower and nature lovers: Tebesinerweg in Saalfelden

Pure nature! Above from Saalfelden, there is a trail, called Trebesinerweg, which leads hikers through green forests and meadows to beautiful viewpoints. On the way, you already find blooming crocuse, snowdrops and cowslips. If you are lucky, you may see a great spotted woodpecker or a black woodpecker. Markus likes to offer the trail Trebesinerweg for his so-called "Lichtholzwanderungen", where he tries to discover the secrets of the forest. However, he does not tell me the most beautiful places for a rest or where the most amazing viewpoints are. "There are several on the way. Just keep your eyes open and discover them for yourself!", he says and smiles. You cannot fail to see the extraordinary possibilites to sit and lie down, which are located all along the way. Try chaning your perspective and look up in the sky. 

5. For gourmets: from the restaurant Hüttwirt to the restaurant Unterberghaus

How is the word delight defined? You can define it in a cultural way - but also in a culinary way. "Instead of saying gourmets, we could also say esthete", says Markus. While walking from the restaurant Hüttwirt to the restaurant Unterberghaus (Knappenstube), you pass the Gothic and Mining Museum, a must for those who are interested in culture. Both restaurants, Hüttwirt and Unterberghaus, are known for their delicious meals. However, it is recommended to check the opening times of the restaurants in spring. And what is special about the restaurant Hüttwirt? "Hütten is a village, where the world is still calm and alright. In the restaurant Hüttwirt, the restaurant owner cooks himself and loves what he does. His passion can be tasted in his delicious meals", says Markus. He loves the atmosphere of the restaurant. A cultural secret tip is the visit of the St.-Anna-chapel, of which you get the key in the restaurant Hüttwirt. 

The mountain guide: 

Markus Mayrhofer is a certified mountain and ski guide, chairman of the Alpenverein Leogang, local guide and producer of wood furniture. He likes to produce beds for his clients. He loves to drink a beer on a sun terrace, after a long day on the mountains. 

Pictures: Michael Geißler, Florian Lechner,, Saalfelden Leogang Touristik