Specialities at the huts in the Skicircus: From cheese dumplings to sushi

Everything tastes better on the mountain, we think. The fresh, cold winter air and the appetite after outdoor activities make increase the anticipation of a cozy stop with really good food. So, what would you like to eat? Here we present a few classics and specialties that you are sure to encounter at the more than 60 huts in the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn.

Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling

Typical for the Pinzgau region are the flat fried Kaspressknödel (cheese dumplings), the original with the really spicy Pinzgauer cheese. The classic Kaspressknödel are served in clear beef soup, but they are often found in a modern version with salad. In addition to Kaspressknödel, there are other dumplings in all variations on the menus in the huts: spinach dumplings with brown butter, bread dumplings as a side dish to roast pork or sometimes sweet curd cheese dumplings as a dessert. Our family tip: Particularly children love dumplings, and many even with spinach.

Meat from own farm

Steaks, burgers or roasts - the meat dishes at the ski huts are quite noteworthy. A special highlight: In some huts, the meat even comes from their own farm, where the animals are kept and slaughtered in a particularly species-appropriate manner. "Farm to table", so to speak. Other chefs also buy the meat directly in the region from the farmers they trust and prepare delicious meals with local products. When you know what you're eating, it tastes so much better, doesn't it?

Kasnocken, curry and quinoa pan - the veggie favourites

A must-try: Tasty kasnocken, often served in a pan with melted cheese stretching like strings. Absolutely delicious and quite suitable considering the calories you burn while skiing. Those who like it lighter or even more exotic will find a lot of variety in the veggie section: Spicy curries, colourful quinoa pans or even creative salad versions are on the table at many ski huts, and make not only vegetarians and vegans happy.

Wienerschnitzel with french fries

What should not be missing at any ski hut in Austria? Sure, the Wienerschnitzel with fries. With golden brown breading, high-quality meat, crispy fries, cranberry jam and a slize of lemon. The huts in the Skicircus offer a wide variety of versions of the traditional Austrian dish. Which one is best? You would have to try it out for yourself.

Sushi and fish dishes

Who would have known? At the ski huts in the Skicircus you will not only find a wide variety of fish dishes, some of which are made from regional fish, but even delicious sushi. So, if you're looking for a break from the typical ski hut classics, hand-rolled sushi with high-quality fish is the perfect choice.

Pizza like in Italy

Speaking of international dishes... original Italian pizza from the stone oven has also made it to the ski huts. We think that some of the best pizzas in the region can definitely be found on the mountain - with paper-thin dough, homemade tomato sauce, real mozzarella and varied toppings.

Kaiserschmarren, Muas and Apfelstrudel

What would Austria be without its sweet desserts and main courses? Even in the Skicircus, the desserts are impressive: From classic Kaiserschmarren (a caramelized, shredded pancake) and typical Pinzgau Muas (a mix of flour, butter, salt, sugar, water and fresh fruits) to apple cake or Germknödel (yeast dumplings) with vanilla sauce, everything is offered at the ski huts bringing young sweet tooths and old into pastry heaven.

Homemade beer and Aperol Spritz

Whether as a thirst quencher or for repeated toasts at après ski, beer, wine and cocktails are a must at the ski huts. And for digestion a "Gesundheitsschnapserl". What might you not expect while skiing? Homemade beer from their own brewery high up on the mountain. What should you try when on the mountain? An Aperol Spritz on one of the many sun terraces.

Ski water or preferably homemade herbal limos?

Decades of ski water lie behind us, the syrup-water mixture that particularly children inevitably associate with skiing. Without devaluating the thirst quencher that we continue to encounter at ski huts - today, you can find rather sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks on the menus: homemade sodas with herbs and fruits from the region that evoke summer memories.

Traditional or unusual at first glance - the ski huts successfully bridge the gap between traditional and international dishes. Not only in terms of culinary delights, by the way. From an architectural point of view, too, the entire range can be found in the Skicircus - from the rustical hut followed by exhibition rooms to panoramic glass facades, traditional and ultra-modern at the same time. But more about that in the blog post about architecture on the mountain.

Photos: Michael Geißler, Markus Landauer, Christoph Johann, Mia Maria Knoll, Daniel Roos, W2 Manufaktur and Carissa Gan on Unsplash