Simply hiking - nothing else

Strolling along without stress, hectic pace or digital distractions. The hiking concept of Saalfelden Leogang promises exactly that: to focus on what is there anyway ... the beauty of nature.


Enough with bells and whistles

Far too often, we let ourselves be diverted from the real path and wander off into the digital world. But the most beautiful moments are rarely experienced on the display. And you can't really watch TV from the couch, but from the mountain top. This is one of the reasons why, since the summer of 2017, the hiking trails in Saalfelden Leogang have been supplemented by unobtrusive, regionally produced installations that give hikers new perspectives on nature and bring them back to the here and now - without any frills or clicks.

Mountains of data versus mountains of stone

As practical and seemingly irreplaceable as cell phones, laptops and the like often appear, they sometimes distract us from the essentials. Because while we are increasingly on the move in virtual forums, real life often passes us by. Face-to-face conversations are becoming rarer and rarer; social networks are becoming more and more crowded. And without wishing to demonize technical progress and digitalization, we would nevertheless like to encourage you to put your cell phone aside for a moment now and then and open a "real" window.

Recharge your own battery

Climb up to get down - from the stress and hectic of everyday life. Nowhere else is it better to recharge your batteries than in the fresh mountain air of Saalfelden and Leogang. Breathe in, breathe deeply and enjoy. After all, there are plenty of power spots in the great outdoors. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes and feel it.


Sommerlandschaft in Saalfelden Leogang | © Peter Kühnl

Hiking is the people's delight

Especially in the digital age, places where you are physically present and can experience with all your senses are becoming more and more valuable. So it's no surprise that more and more people have discovered hiking for themselves. Even stressed managers or deadline-ridden business bosses are increasingly looking for encounters with nature. And finding this in Saalfelden Leogang is easy, because with over 400 km of hiking trails, there is a huge and varied selection to choose from, far from huge mountains of data or files, but right in the middle of mountain paths, meadows and forest clearings. And since recently also with many new installations, which bring you a bit closer to nature.

Life is not a straight line

So why always look straight ahead? Thanks to the newly installed wooden 360° benches, you can now enjoy a true all-round view of nature in Saalfelden Leogang and every hiker can determine their own panorama without having to do any contortions or strain their neck muscles too much: Just sit down and feel good all around - in the best sense of the word.

Sometimes you should lie down

A change of perspective like that works wonders, and the sky can tell us a lot of exciting things, too: So let's get into the wrought-iron forest swings that make the woods an experience. Because the treetops also conceal many a relaxing field that would otherwise probably have remained hidden.

Cell phone off - eyes open

You remember our well-intentioned advice (a little further up in the text) to leave your cell phone in your backpack once in a while? Why not on your next hike? And don't worry, you won't miss a thing, because the new strategically positioned photo points remind you when it's worth pulling out your phone and pulling the trigger. And the rest of the time you can just enjoy "offline" and give your phone a breather.

Sharing is caring

We're not talking about any entries in social networks, but about the wooden hiking sticks that can be borrowed at highly frequented points in the region's network of hiking trails. At the so-called "stick-sharing" stations, you take the sticks with you and leave them behind for the next hiker after the tour. By the way, the campaign has meanwhile taken off so well that people even carve sticks themselves, which they then make available to other hikers at the sharing stations. And so everyone can enjoy nature - without any detours.