Hiking Pass Challenge: Saalachtaler Höhenweg Ost

Admittedly, I'm already a bit delayed with the challenge. Therefore, speed is now required. To do this, I have adapted my route plans. New in the program: the Saalachtaler Höhenweg Ost. With this one you get six stamps. Let's go!

Six at one go

After the hiking months of May, June and July were already over and no new stamp found its way onto my hiking pass in 2021, it was finally time in August. And I had some things to catch up on. That's why my first tour this year was an extra long one and I collected stamps number 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 for the Hiking Pass Challenge along the way.

Number 6: Alte Schmiede

The first stamp was hardly deserved, because all I had to do for it was taking the Steinbergbahn to the top station. There is the Alte Schmiede, where I immediately got my first stamp. It had one good thing: such a quick stamp motivates for more!

Number 7: Großer Asitz

Next we went straight on to the Großer Asitz. Via the new hiking trail along the TONspuren islands we went uphill. This is the first section of the Saalachtaler Höhenweg Ost and at the same time the only section where you make a few meters in altitude. After that, the rest of the high trail to Saalfelden is more or less a smooth walk. Shortly before the Asitz Petrus decided to cool us down a bit and sent us a few raindrops. Since there is no bad weather, but only bad clothes, this did not stop us for long. Umbrella out and on we go! So stamp number 7 was also added to the passport.

Time for a break

After ten minutes the short downpour was already over and with a bright blue sky and sunshine we continued our way in the direction of Biberg. The Saalachtaler Höhenweg Ost is about 13 kilometers long, you manage about 300 meters of altitude and it takes about 4-5 hours. It leads from the Asitz in Leogang to the Biberg in Saalfelden. Along the high trail you will be accompanied again and again by the beautiful panorama of the Leoganger Steinberge, the Hohe Tauern, the Grassy Mountains and the Steinernes Meer. The trail consists of many forest passages, so that it is also easily manageable on hot, sunny days. Especially beautiful are the small ponds where you can watch dragonflies. At the Lochalmkopf we decided to take a short break for a snack before we continued the hike recharged.

Number 8: Durchenkopf

Although there are numerous peaks along the high trail, the next stamp for our hiking pass is at the Durchenkopf. This is approximately in the second third of the high trail. Don't despair if you don't find the stamp at the summit cross. It is in the shelter hut, which you will reach about five minutes later.

Number 9: Berggasthof Biberg

Now it was not far to the next stop at the Biberg. After about 1.5 hours (the last part of it via a forest road) we reached the Berggasthof Biberg. The popular destination for hikers and bikers impresses with its wonderful panoramic terrace. Snacks, cakes and co. taste even better with this view. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for a stop, but we did get a stamp and a photo.

Number 10: Forsthofalm in Saalfelden

From the Biberg we went along the forest road, which turns into a toboggan run in winter, down to the Huggenberg, where the last stamp was waiting for us. Before that, we made a short detour to the Forsthofalm. Not to be confused with the Holzhotel Forsthofalm in Leogang. This alpine hut is located in Saalfelden and offers typical homemade Pinzgau alpine specialties. According to the guests sitting there, the Kaiserschmarrn is particularly recommended - well, maybe we'll come back for a bite sometime. This time we only collected a stamp and enjoyed the view of the beautiful Steinerne Meer.

Number 11: Berggasthof Huggenberg

Last but not least, we reached our goal after about 5 hours: the Berggasthof Huggenberg. Here we got the final stamp for this day, a nice view and coffee and cake. Unfortunately, the latter did not make it onto the photo.


The Saalachtaler Höhenweg Ost is a beautiful hike that is easily manageable despite its length. Above all, it is important to take enough to drink and a snack with you, because on the way between the mountain station of the mountain railroad and the Berggasthof Biberg there are no refreshment facilities. We also recommend rain protection, sunscreen and, of course, good clothing and shoes.