Hiking pass challenge: mountain hut Steinalm

The first hiking pass challenge hike 2022 lead me to the mountain hut Steinalm in Saalfelden - and I wasn't alone. Music enthusiasts, mountain lovers and the band Styrian Bloods & Bulgarian Spirit accompanied me. Why? Because this hike took place as part of the music hike ALM:KULTUR. This meant some musical breaks on the way to the mountain hut, seeing nature and the landscape in a new light. 

A music hike?

The music hikes have been an integral part of Saalfelden Leogang for three years now. Whether at the ALM:KULTUR or at the Jazz Festival Saalfelden, in summer you always get the opportunity to discover the mountains together with musicians. The ALM:KULTUR hike this year led to the Steinalm and since I was still missing this stamp for my hiking pass, it was clear that on this Friday the ALM:KULTUR music hike and the hiking pass challenge were combined. 

The hike to the mountain hut Steinalm

The hiking trail to the mountain hut Steinalm starts at the car park Einsiedelei in Saalfelden. The hike itself - without musical breaks - takes about 45 to 60 minutes, depening on the level of fitness of the hikers. The blue marked trail leads through a forest and then across a lush green monutain pasture. From time to time you get a stunning view over the valley and the mountain range Hohe Tauern in the background or the beautiful massif Steinernes Meer in front of you. The trails gets a little steep sometimes, but when you arrive at the hut, the exhausting way was definitely worth it. 

Musical company

As already mentioned, I was not hiking alone. Siegmar Brecher (bass clarinet), Matthias Loibner (hurdy-gurdy) and Maria Petrova (percussion) accompanied us on our way. At the first station, they were already waiting for us. We were already hearing the musicians long before we actually saw them. They were standing in a small cave. The trio did not play rehearsed pieces, but were inspired by the surroundings: experimenting with the echo of the altitude, letting the dripping of the water flow in and interweaving nature with the music. No wonder that many more hikers stopped and listened with fascination. 

Coincidence or magic?

The connection of nature and music was present throughout the hike. On this day it was very warm, a breeze was very welcome. We immediately ordered a breezy play at the next station and we were not disappointed. It wasn't long before a gentle breeze blew up and gave us a bit of cooling. Coincidence? Magic? Doesn't matter - simply wonderful!

Time for a snack and a refreshment

Once we arrived at the mountain hut Steinalm, the band Styrian Bloods & Bulgarian Spirits played one last time for us. In the meantime, we enjoyed the finest delicacies from the hut owner Katrin and her team. And of course, I got my hiking pass stamp for the hiking pass challenge. That's what a Friday should be like!

Pictures: Michael Geißler