Four new trails in Saalfelden Leogang

2019 has been an interessting year here in Saalfelden Leogang. There has been a lot of planning, building, digging and constructing. In 2019 four new lines and trails have been built in the Bikepark Leogang. We are going to take a look at them after their first summer season. Those four trails are flow trails, however there is not only flow. There are spots, which require skills, technique and experience. 

A perfect day for biking 

As we were on our way to Saalfelden Leogang, we already knew that it would be a perfect day. It rained at night, but now the sun makes its way through the clouds and the day will be superb. Because we were raised here in Leogang, we know what the weather means: wet roots, slippery stones and mud, which sprays around everywhere. To say it in one word: ENDURO. We go to the sports shop Sport Mitterer and rent two Scott Ransom Enduro bikes. The employees are really jealous of us, because they know exactly what they are missing today. Now we are ready to spend our day in the Bikepark Leogang. 

#1 Steinberg Line by Fox

First things first: the four new lines are not only designed to ascent the mountain with the cable car and bike down again. The lines demand pedalling - which mountain bikes are made for. The first line we try is the Steinberg Line by Fox. The starting point of this line is directly at the top station of the cable care. The entrance to the trail is the same as to the Hangman trail, however soon after the start the two trails seperate and the Steinberg Line by Fox has its own flow line. It winds itself through the Bikepark and it really is epic!

It's not only the curves, jumps and hills, which make the Steinberg Line by Fox special, but it's its length. The shapers really did their best. The Line winds itself down the mountain and the bikers come out directly at the valley station of the Steinbergbahn cable car. From there you can ascent the mountain again. The Line can be described as sporty but not too demanding, however at the end of the Steinberg Line your fingers will be numb but you will definitely be ready for more!

# 2 Antonius Trail

Who is Antonius? I admit, we could not find out while biking down. However, what we found out immediately at the start of the Antonius Trail was that it is a really demanding one. Especially after the rain of last night, we are more than cautious while biking down the Antonius trail. The secret of the Antonius trail is that is it natural and the fact that it winds down a hiking trail. It is a very narrow trail but it is playful and there were a lot of wet roots along the way. 

But do not panic, even when the trail is a little more steeper. We stay calm and cool and nothing can stress us. We take breaks regularly and then we see someone, who hikes up the bike trail by foot. He has a shovel and a spade with him and so we assume that he must be one of the shapers. And so it is. He is called "Gü". Gü is a shaper from Leogang and he designed and built the Antonius trail. He tells us a few things about his work, but soon he sends us away, because he has got so much work to do.

# 3 Schwarzleo Trail

After the first two trails, another two are waiting for us. The Schwarzleo Trail and the Forsthof Trail are two demanding ones, which require biking skills, technique and stamina. It's not enough to let go of your brakes and bike down the trail. The ones who built the two trails managed to integrate the trails into the forest, so that bikers feel really free and can escape the busy Bikepark for a little while. For us the Schwarzleo Trail is absolutely perfect, because we like natural trails and love how it perfectly fits into nature - an absolute Enduro dream. 

The Schwarzleo Trail starts just as anyone would expect it to start - with a little ascent. After a short uphill, the trail winds down the mountain through the forest. There are kick-turns, root grounds, jumps and then everything all over again. The trail is an absolute must for everyone who loves Enduro and was built by people, who know exactly how an Enduro Trail has to be. After a lot of curves and cool passages, the trail ends in the Schwarzleo Graben and we are happy that we made it and that we can take a deep breath after our ride. 

# 4 Forsthof Trail 

Short break and shift into lower gear: we start to paddle uphill. Yes right, at our trip in Saalfelden Leogang we decided to paddle up to the Holzhotel Forsthofalm. Of course it is also possible to paddle back to the valley station of the cable car of the Asitzbahn or the Steinbergbahn, but we have Enduro bikes and our motto is the same as it is in winter: EARN YOUR TURNS! After a few metres up the mountain, we can already see the Holzhotel Forsthofalm and its absolutely inviting terrace, where we recharge our batteries and drink a coffee and observe the downhill bikers on the world championship speed trail. After our coffee we are ready for the Forsthof Trail. 

I had the chance to see the trail already some weeks ago when it was observed by its designers and shapers. So I really looked forward to it. We start the trail and bike across a brigde, which seems to have been there for a long time. We pass moss-covered rocks, jump over fallen over trees and pass ideal and techniqual curves straight down to the valley. The fingers are on the brakes, the look is straight and the speed is low. Bike skills are required here, the Forsthof Trail is not recommendable for beginners. However, for the ones who have already some bike experience, good skills and loves nature and the forest, the Forsthof Trail is perfect. 

Our conclusion 

And then it is over, our tour through the four new lines and trails in Saalfleden Leogang. We ended up at the valley again and have a fat grin in our faces. We bike back to the valley station - time for our conclusion: 

The region Saalfelden Leogang managed to establish four new flow trails which are absolutely superb. Whereas the Steinberg Line by Fox has wonderful built elements, the Antonius Trail, the Schwarzleo Trail and the Forsthof Trail impress with their natural courses. If you like to ride your bike off the beaten track and like flow biking, the new trails are perfect for you.  

See you in the Epic Bikepark Leogang!


Pictures: Klemens König

Video: Stephan Obenaus