Fair play in the winter forest

The forest is the perfect place for recreation: fresh air, silence and nature. So it is hardly surprising that more and more people like to go into the forest for relaxation. Does not matter whether it's skitouring, winter hiking or snow shoe hiking - many trails and courses lead through the forests. However, we are not allone there. The forest is the habitat for animals and plants, therefore we need to be respectfull and safe our forests. 

#1 Save the habitat

The forest is a habitat for plants, animals and humans. If you treat it with respect, you treat nature with respect and save it. 

#2 The forest as a protective area

When there is a forest at a steep slope, it protects humas and the infrastructure. If you stay on the marked paths, you protect yourself and others. 


#3 Do not leave any traces

When you are on your way in the forests, you are a guest. Do not leave any litter and try to be quiet. 

#4 Your safe way through the forests

Prepare yourself for your tour through the forests. Take time to make an appropriate plan, always take the right and full security equipment with you and just start your tour when you feel healthy and fit! When planning your tour, keep the protected zones in mind. You find them in the map for protected zones of Salzburg. 

#5 Respect the protected areas

Protected areas and concepts for feeding are vital for the wild animals living in the forests. We can help the animals to get through the winter safetly, when we respect their protected zones and avoid their areas of feeding. 

#6 Forest of the future

Young plants are directly beneath the snow. If you stay on the marked paths, you safe the future of the forests. 


A forest worth protecting

The forest should stay a recreation area in the future. That's the reason why we must take care of it and safe the native plants and animals as good as possible. If everyone participates and behaves respectfully, even our children and grandchildren will be able to experiece the forest the way we know it today. Harry G summarized the points: 

Pictures: Michael Geißler, Julian Mullan, Getty Images/vitomirov