Ice cream made in Saalfelden Leogang

"One scoop of chocolate in a cone, please", "and for me raspberry, cucumber and vanilla in a cup" - that's how you hear adults' and children's happy voices at the ice cream counter of Misssi Eis in Pfaffing, Saalfelden. Sounds like a completely normal ice cream parlour (maybe except for the cucumber ice cream). However, Misssi AlpenEis is not normal at all. What makes the Saalfelden ice cream factory so special? We'll let you know here.

Misssi AlpenEis made from 100% organic ingredients

Misssi Shop & Café

Pfaffing 42
5760 Saalfelden
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The ingredients

Only natural ingredients end up in Misssi ice cream, no flavour enhancers or anything like that. As an example, the organic milk can be found just on the other side of the Kühbühl. There, in the district of Haid, the organic cows are grazing on the lush pastures around the family Gruber's farm. Their fresh milk is daily delivered to the Misssi Eis Manufacture, where it is processed into creamy ice cream. And Misssi founder Ingrid Kriegl also pays attention to regionality and quality when it comes to many other ingredients. "Agriculture is really close to my heart. We carefully refine the excellent and healthy products that our local farmers produce in harmony with nature and turn them into special moments of enjoyment for young and old." In addition to milk, fruit is also supplied regionally, and when it comes to products from abroad, we look very closely at the quality and the method of production. "One example is vanilla. We now buy it from 'Vanille World', a Pinzgau start-up that works with small farmers in western Uganda and focuses on fairness and sustainability - just like us," says Ingrid.

The manufacture

The creamy AlpenEis is produced directly in Pfaffing in Saalfelden, where you may taste, indulge and linger in the ice cream store. 10 employees are busy developing new creations, implementing, trying and testing them and preparing for either catering trade or for sale on site. "Especially in the beginning, we spent a long time trying to find the perfect ice cream. Because intense flavour and creaminess is our ultimate goal, 100% organic is our belief and great variety is our pleasure," says Ingrid Kriegl about the early days. In the ice cream store, with a beautiful view of the Leoganger Steinberge and the Steinerne Meer, there is a lot of coming and going. Cyclists stop and treat themselves with an ice cream, drivers come here to enjoy a scoop and one or two pedestrians also find their way to Misssi Eis. Both locals and guests sit on the wooden benches in front of the factory and sample the delicious flavours.

The creations

Speaking of flavours. We need to pay a little more attention to these. After all, Misssi offers far more than the classics like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. One of the now quite well-known favourites is cucumber ice cream, which tastes wonderfully refreshing. But you can also find tonka bean, chai cappuccino, roasted almond or curd apricot here. And, of course, whatever is in season. The relatively new additions to the range are 100% plant-based and gluten-free ice creams, which taste just as good as the "dairy" ones. "Because we want to offer all customers the best ice cream," says Ingrid Kriegl. In addition to ice cream and sorbet, Misssi also produces ice cream desserts. These are combinations of ice cream and cake rounded off with homemade sauces and toppings.


Misssi ice cream is not only available in the ice cream boutique in Pfaffing. Meanwhile, many hotels, restaurants, cafés, retailers (Spar) and (online) shops offer the creamy Alpine ice cream.

Photos: Misssi Eis GmbH & Co KG, Edith Danzer, Chris Perkles, SalzburgerLand Tourismus