Enjoy regional organic sausage & meat products

What used to be taken for granted is now more in demand than ever: natural food with regional ingredients. And Saalfelden Leogang shows it: When farmers and innkeepers help together, particularly high-quality products are created. For example, regional organic sausage and meat products.

"For our ancestors it was quite natural to produce their own food far away from glutamate & Co. Fortunately, our fathers and mothers always trusted their knowledge and passed it on to us. That's something you don't forget anymore. Today we are glad that we still have a connection to nature, animals and people. Especially in view of the many food scandals with which we are permanently confronted. That's when I praise the homemade products from our farms." Johann Scheiber is a farmer with a passion. He loves his work in the region, for the region.

Sustainability is the topic

"Today's guests know exactly what they want. The choice of vacation destinations is manifold and there is a suitable offer for every taste. Once the vacationer has decided on his destination, his expectations are high. Our experience shows that our clientele particularly appreciates the sustainability of our region. The more authentic we are, the greater the appreciation of our guests. And it is precisely this strength that we are trying to bundle: The tour operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs, hosts, farmers, craftsmen as well as service providers from a wide range of industries." Christoph Schmuck from Naturhotel Forsthofgut is an enthusiastic hotelier. He knows how to recognize the signs of the times and use international, national as well as regional networks.

Sustainability as well as the conscious use of regional products are deeply anchored in the mindset of the locals in Saalfelden Leogang; togetherness has been cultivated for generations. A look at the statistics shows how down-to-earth and genuine the region is, because in Leogang 65% of all farms are organic. In the EU, the figure is only 5% and in the whole of Austria 17%. The numerous foundations that have thus been laid over time are now being used openly and innovatively. Thus, projects are created here that hardly any other region could realize.

Regional products in front of the curtain

A few years ago, the Saalfelden Leogang Tourism Association initiated such a project to increase the appreciation of regional products. Because sometimes you have to make something a topic first, so that it becomes a topic. Farmers and restaurateurs started listening to each other, understanding their points of view and finding common solutions. In many areas, they found a common consensus, and as a result, regional specialties can now be found on many buffets and plates in local restaurants and hotels: Honey, jams, yogurt, eggs, vegetables, milk, cheese, schnapps, fish - the list could go on forever.

Now it's all about the sausage

It was a tricky subject, however, when it came to sausage and meat products. Because in practice, the chef always has to have everything fresh and immediately to hand. And preferably from the region, in organic quality, with the AMA seal of approval or other certifications. To take on this difficult challenge, a few committed farmers and hoteliers joined forces. In November 2015, they organized a product-finding event with Austria's only organic butchery that meets all International Food Standards (IFS) criteria. A month later, the first four cows and a couple of calves from Leogang organic farms were delivered to the butcher. At the turn of the year 2015/16, the region ushered in a new era: Since then, it has offered its guests and locals five organic sausage and meat products from Saalfelden Leogang: the Loigomer Polish (organic Polish), the Knappenbrät (organic liver cheese), the Spielberger (organic mini frankfurter), the Asitz Bergschinken (organic beef ham) and the Steinberg Burger (organic beef burger).

The committed project participants can be proud of themselves. Because they have proven that they create classic win-win situations by bundling their strengths: The guest and (local) consumer is pleased with the unique culinary offer. The hotelier can offer excellent quality from the region and the farmer realizes a better added value of his products.

The regional organic sausage & meat products are available in the Leoganger Lagerhaus, Leoganger Dorfladen and in some hotels in Saalfelden Leogang.

Images: Kathrin Gollackner