Cross-country skiing and family - is this possible?

Just think about it: "Cross-country skiing does not only sound exhausting, it really is. And then imagine it with your family and small kids? This really does sound like chaos and stress, doesn't it?"


Don't think further! Cross-country skiing is a sport, which demands strengh and stamina and therefore it is exhausting. However, cross-country skiing is pure happiness. You get away from everyday life and escape the stress and strains. While cross-country skiing, you are surrounded by a dreamlike winter landscape and breath the fresh and cold air. You can enjoy the stunning views of the impressive mountains around you. 

Even together with your family you can enjoy cross-country skiing and let it be an adventure which you will never forget. 

How is this possibe? We tell you 6 tips, how to make your cross-country skiing day perfect and unforgettable. 

1. The right age

Every child develops differently and therefore not every child is on the same level concerning their physical fitness. You know your kids the best and you know how much they can already handle - but keep in mind that you do not try to learn them cross-country skiing at a very young age, so that they don't experience frustrating first tries. Generally, it is recommended to start with cross-country skiing at the age of four (preferably start with classic cross-country skiing, because it is similar to walking). When your kids already know how to do ice skating or inline skating, you can immediately start with skating. 

2. Fun & games instead of performance and endless cross-country skiing course kilometres

When cross-country skiing, try to avoid long, straigth passages, where the kids just have to cross-country ski in one direction. They will soon be bored and frustrated. Fun and games should be the most essential part of cross-country skiing. And here in Saalfelden Leogang, we have the ideal place for you: The Fun & Snow Park at the Nordic Park at lake Ritzensee in Saalfelden. There are 22 stations where the kids can learn how to cross-country ski and have fun at the same time - there are hilly courses, steep slopes, there is a forest of poles where they have to make their way through and a gigant slalom. And when your kids (and you) need a break from cross-country skiing, you can try tobogganing at the hill opposite of the courses. 

TIP: When you are not at the Nordic Park and still want to have some fun when cross-country skiing, you can try some summer sports even with cross-country skiing skis. For example: play frisbee, soccer, hockey and so on. 

3. Choose the right cross-country skiing courses

The choice of the right cross-country skiing courses is important for a relaxing day. You can either have a look at our website, or you come to one of our Tourist Offices, where we give you detailed information about each cross-country skiing course, so that everyone finds the right course. 

TIP: Once you arrived at the Nordic Park in Saalfelden, start with the course "Nordic Riddle" around the lake Ritzensee. Here you can combine cross-country skiing with solving a riddle. Along the course there are different stations where you have to solve riddles. When finished, you can take your riddle card to our Tourist Office in Saalfelden and you get a small present!

4. The right equipment

Doesn't mattter whether classic or skating, in many sports shops in Saalfelden and Leogang, you can rent the right equipment. Because when you have the right equipment, cross-country skiing is a lot more fun!

5. It does not have to be perfect!

The most essential part of cross-country skiing with your kids, should definitely be the exercise and the fun in the fresh air. It takes time to learn cross-country skiing - like every other sport. Just let your kids try it and let them be creative. Who knows which beautiful patterns they draw in the snow with their skis? When you want to improve your technique, you can book courses at one of our many cross-country skiing schools. There you get important tips for your next round. 

6. Do not let your kids get hungry

If you are planning to cross-country ski for a longer time or make a bigger tour, keep in mind that your kids will get hungry at some point. You can easily plan a stay at one of the restaurants along the courses or pack some energy balls, which you can easily make yourself and they can be packed in every jacket pocket. If ever bad temper comes up, the small energy balls are very effective. However, there are also local shops all over our region, where you can buy small bites to eat. Take some warm water or some tea with you, so that you do not get thursty. Take a break in the middle of nature, surrounded by the impressive mountains and just enjoy nature - perfect!

Pictures: Michael Geißler