The first music hike

Our music hikes have not been really successful until now. The first try was last summer during the 40th Jazzfestival in Saalfelden. Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs and the musicans and artists were only able to play while sitting in the cable car and at the mountain restaurant. This year, we tried it again during the ALM:KULTUR. And of course, the weather forecast was not really good, it was rainy and windy. However, despite the weather we wanted the hike to take place and we were definitely rewarded!

Faith can move mountains - or lets rain disappear

As mentioned before, the second try of our music hikes again was very unsure. The weather forecast was really not good and there was no chance that our hikers wont get wet. However, despite the weather, we definitely wanted the hike to take place. And eventhough we reckoned with rain, we were surprised: It was raining cats and dogs in the morning, but at about 9:30 the rain stopped and fortunately it didn't start again. But what made us even more happier, was that there were 20 motivated hikers, who didn't fear the rain and were waiting for us at the starting point of the hike at 11 o'clock. 

What exactly does music hike mean? 

A music hike means that you hike, together with musicans through our beautiful mountain world and let the nature inspire you. At very special view points, you make a pause, enjoy the view and the musicans play one of their songs. This sounds really cheesy. But that's exactly what it's supposed to be. The hike leads us from the starting point at the heremitage car park to the mountain hut Steinalm. The musicans hike a little bit quicker than us, so that they can wait for us and already start to play when they saw us. So we already heard them, before we even saw them. However, we didn't realize where the music comes from and therefore we looked for the musicians. And then we discovered them in a huge hole. The music was so very different from music, we would have expected from music at the mountain. The first word, which came to my mind was "JAZZ". And even when you can't imagine jazz being part of the mountains, it fits perfectly. Especially on a cloudy day, where the sun only has few chances to make its way through the clouds and there is cold wind and some rain. As varied as the weather, was the music. 

4 mini concerts along the way and one last one at the mountain hut 

The musicans performed four mini concerts along the way. They all lasted about 15 to 30 minutes. And then we hiked for about 15 to 20 minutes. Every stop had its own charme and was special in its own way and even the music was adapted to each station where we paused. It was a really successful hike, which animated the hikers to discover something new and enjoy the nature around them. Even some hikers, who weren't hiking with us, stopped and listened to the music. The last concert was at the mountain hut Steinalm.

What should not be missing at the mountain hut

The best thing about the ALM:KULTUR - and especially about a music hike - is the delicious food at the mountain hut. Doesn't matter whether you enjoy a hot soup with cheese dumplings, a snack or a piece of cake. Hiking is just real fun when enjoying a meal at the mountain hut - that's my opinion;-).

When is the next music hike?

I know, I am really nasty. I tell you all about the music hike, which has already taken place. However, this has not been the last one here in Saalfelden Leogang. During the JAZZ WEEKENDER from the 20th to the 23rd of August in Saalfleden, there are three more music hikes - called "We Hike Jazz". You find further information at our website 



Pictures: Michael Geißler