Recipe: Kaiserschmarrn

The next time, when you stop off at a mountain restaurant while skiing, your decision what you should eat, is not going to be very difficult: a Kaierschmarrn! The shredded pancakes, sprinkled with sugar smell so good, it's neraly impossible to resist. The Kaiserschmarrn is fluffy, and the apple sauce, cranberry jam or plum jam really are a highlight. 

There exist serveral legends, when it comes to the delicious dish Kaiserschmarrn. For example, the empress Elisabeth didn't like the dish at all, because she wanted to stay skinny. However, the emperor loved it and so he said: "Give me the Schmarren!" Another legend says that an Alpine dairyman (in Austria called "Kasa") served as a dessert Kaiserschmarrn for the emperor. He was so impressed by the dish and loved it so much that he simply had to call it Kaiserschmarrn. But it doesn't matter which legend is true, with this recipe, you can cook your Kaiserschmarrn at home. 

Eure Kristina