Mother’s Day gift simply homemade

On the second Sunday in May, it's that time again and we celebrate Mother's Day together with our mothers. Now the question arises: How should I surprise my mother this year for her special day?

Upcycling for Mother's Day

People usually reach for the well-known gifts, such as flowers, perfume or chocolates. I think that homemade gifts are always very well received and the gesture alone is a cause for joy. For this reason, I decided to make something myself again this year. The motto was: upcycling - making something new out of something old and even upgrading it in the process.

However, I am not that creative in these matters, so I got some help from Melanie Wieser. The certified TEH (Traditional European Healing) practitioner lives in Saalfelden with her two dogs and her fiancé. She has always been passionate about nature, so protecting our beautiful world is especially close to her heart. She is passionate about sharing her own experiences with natural healing and natural cosmetics. She also reports on her sustainable lifestyle and the small miracles in everyday life. Besides her online courses on various topics such as natural cosmetics, she also offers weekly herbal workshops TEH Kräuterworkshop. You can also browse through lovingly handmade products in her online shop Green | Mint


Upgrade for the old milk carton

Together we have jazzed up an old milk carton and made a great Mother's Day gift out of it. The intention was to turn the milk carton into a flower vase or a flowerpot. And of course, I have documented how this works. get started!

DIY-Upcycling Milk Carton


What do I need?

  • An empty milk carton
  • Flowers or plants
  • Possibly cards, ribbons and pens to decorate it

How does it work?

  • Cut about 5cm off the top of the milk carton.
  • Wash out and clean the milk carton.
  • Squeeze the milk carton as hard as you can but be careful not to squeeze too hard.
  • Peel off the outer layer. Also be careful when doing this
  • Don't be alarmed - the milk cartons may be darker or lighter in colour after they have been stripped of their outer layer.
  • Now carefully fold over the top edge
  • You can do this 1 or 2 times, as you like

Now you can let your creativity run free and design the milk carton as you like. Here are a few examples of how we did it:

You can also trim the edge with pinking shears or cut a pattern into it. We decorated the milk carton with dots. But you can also paint it with various colours or write something on it. We also made a sign and wrote on it. We then hung it around the carton. No limits set to your creativity. 

What I also like about this idea is that you can use it in various ways. You can make a vase out of the milk carton and put a bouquet of flowers or freshly picked meadow flowers in the vase you made yourself.

If your mum is a hobby gardener, you can also use the milk carton as an herb pot or you can plant a seedling for your mother and give it to her as a gift. Joy is guaranteed.


Good luck and much delight when giving a gift!

Happy Mother's Day and all the best to all mothers!


Photos:, Melanie Wieser