In search of colourful treasures from our alpine world

Looking for a little change from your sport activities? The mineral museum is just the right place. Here colourful treasures from the alpine region of Leogang and the surrounding area can be admired and purchased. You will find Franz Bründl's collection in the center of Leogang which is easily accessible. Just call and drop by is what works the best.

Fascination is guaranteed

I was looking for an exciting afternoon program which would be suitable for all generations. It was important to me to find the perfect alternative to sport activities when the weather is not so nice and sunny. That's how I came across the mineral museum of Franz Bründl in Leogang. A short notice call was enough and I set off for a visit. The house of the passionate collector is easy to reach and is located in the heart of Leogang opposite the recreational area and the tennis courts. Once I got there, I was warmly welcomed and Franz Bründl showed me his special treasures and told me a few stories about them.

Collecting gemstones and minerals has been one of the the local's greatest hobbies for 48 years by now. In this gemstone fanatic's collection you will find around 1,700 different treasures from Leogang and the surrounding area. In Leogang itself there are over 70 different types of minerals, some of which are only visible under a microscope. When I asked him how he came across this extraordinary hobby, he explained that his father had started it and through that his own interest was also awakened.

Seek and you shall find

A hand-cut tunnel system has been leading into the mountain in the Schwarzleograben in Saalfelden Leogang since the 14th century. Back then, miners spent their days in the depths of Leogang. Today, the show mine offers an insight into the history of mining during the summer months. Franz spent over 300 days mining in Leogang, searching for minerals and gemstones. He described his search as follows: "Some days I went out empty and on others I didn't know where to put all the finds". All the minerals he exhibits in his house are from our area. I was amazed when I found out what natural beauties are hidden in our mountains.

Sell everything? Never!

Recently, even Americans visited the museum, who had come to visit specifically for this purpose and intended to buy Franz Bründl's entire collection. A very bizarre story, which Franz told me during my visit. But selling the entire collection would be out of the question for this man from Leogang.

Becoming a mineral owner yourself

After admiring the collector's findings, you can also buy some of the pieces. For this purpose, he has designed a separate sales room. The pieces, which can be bought, are not only from the region, but were partly bought from all over the world. For more information you can ask Franz Bründl - preferably directly at the museum. Whether small or large stones, necklaces or decorations, you will find so many different things in the sales room of the mineral collector. Small tip: The minerals are also a perfect souvenir for loved ones back home, which is a most certainly an unexpected present.