Hiking Pass Challenge: Seealm

The ALM:KULTUR event series is truly the perfect opportunity to collect stamps for the Hiking Pass Challenge. In mid-August, the path led us to the Seealm this time, where not only a painting workshop, but above all regional delicacies awaited us.

Up to the Seealm

The hike to the Seealm is more of a walk than a hike. Starting from the parking lot at the Tödlinggut in Grießen, you hike leisurely in the valley for about 45 minutes to the alpine hut, which is located at the Grießner bog. Since there is hardly any altitude difference and you are on an asphalt path, this hike is excellent for beginners and for families with small children.

Hiking boots or bike?

But not only a hike pays off to the Seealm. It is also easily accessible by bike via the cycle path from or to Hochfilzen. No one has said that you only get the stamp for the hiking pass through a hike ;-)

The Grießner Bog

The Seealm is beautifully situated on a small lake, the Grießner bog. By the way, this is where the Leoganger Ache river rises. Even if the lake does not invite you to swim, it is an important habitat, especially for birds and for rare plants, some of which are threatened with extinction. The perfect place to discover one or the other extraordinary find with children.

The alpine hut

The Seealm is somewhat elevated and from here you have a beautiful view of the bog and the opposite Spielberghorn. Served are regional delicacies. Especially recommended is the homemade Seezarella and the cake mix (three small pieces of different, homemade cakes - super delicious!). My choice this time was spinach dumplings with brown butter. And then, before we get started with the painting workshop, there's one thing we can't forget: the stamp for our hiking pass!

Being creative encouraged

Since we were at the Seealm on the day of the ALM:KULTUR, we were allowed to get creative at the painting workshop and create a small souvenir of the beautiful afternoon at the Seealm.

Pictures: Michael Geißler, Klemens König, Saalfelden Leogang Touristik