Safe hiking on the mountains

What could be better than being on the peak of a mountain and enjoying the amazing view? What could be better than a hot soup with cheese dumplings or a delicious Kaiserschmarrn after an exhausting hiking tour? A beautiful sunrise in the midst of the stunning mountains? Right, that's the moments we live for! In oder to enjoy all these things, we pay attention to our landscape. In the short videos from the Austrian Alpine Association, you find tips and tricks how to make your hiking tours unforgettable and unique.  

#1 Being healthy & fit in the mountains!

When hiking, this has positive effects on your health. However, you should only make a hiking tour, when you feel fit and healthy. The risk for a cardiovascular failure is especially increased with male athlets older than 40 years. In this tutorial, you learn how to prepare for the hiking season!

#2 Planning and equipment

There are five aspects, which you should pay attention to. The most crucial aspects are the conscientious planning of the hiking tour, the group, the material and the conditions. The conscientious planning of the hiking tour can prevent fears and doubts and can be part of the whole experience. 

#3 Fields of snow, which has been lying for some time


Be aware of snow, which has been lying for some time, as it is an imense risk for falling. Especially at the beginning of the hiking season it is extremely dangerous to slip on hard frozen snow and to hurt oneself. However, if you have to right technique and the right equipment, the risk of slipping decreases tremendously. 

#4 Classifications of trails

Blue, red, black - do you know what they are supposed to mean? There is no international classification for different levels of difficulty for hiking trails. Even in Austria, there are several different classifications. In this tutorial, we solve the riddle about the different classifications and colours, so that you can find your way around with all the different signs. 

#5 Find your way around


Are we still on the right trail? It is really not so easy to keep your orientation when hiking on a mountain you've never been before. Sometimes it is a challenge not to lose one's bearings, especially when it's already getting dark, when there's fog or there are no or bad signs on the trails. In this tutorial you learn how a topographic map works and which other possibilities, like apps or electronical support, there are, so you can find your way around. 

#6 Surefootedness


Are you surefooted? Balance and surefootedness are the most important motoric abilities. Due to the fact that we do not need these abilities in our everyday life, we should not take these skills for granted. Walking on hard soil is completely different than hiking in the mountains. In this tutorial you learn how to improve your balance skills and your movements and which mistakes you should avoid.

#7 Hiking with kids


Is hiking a child's play? According to our credo, we accompany our children while hiking and not the other way round! Boring hiking tours are the way to pass time with kids. Furthermore, it is important to make a lot of breaks and to plan playful highlights. In this video, you learn what you should pay attention to when hiking with kids so that everyone can have a good time.