CHALLENGE accepted!

"Ski your litmit!" I really thought that this slogan could never be true and that it is exaggerated! 12.400 metres in height, 65 kilomtres of ski slopes and 32 cable cars and chairlifts. For me, theses were abstract numbers, which I could not image. Allegedly, it takes you seven hours to master the longest circular ski round of the Alps. However, I thought this was just for people who didn't ski since they were five years old, like me. Well, I was absolutely wrong. I accepted THE CHALLENGE and I really got to my limits.

Ambitious challenge

What would life be like, if we always stayed inside our comfort zone? We would never get to see anything new, never experience new things and propably we would die, simply because we are so bored. No adrenaline, no excitement, no fear, no happiness. This does not sound very appealing, at least in my opinioin. Fortunately, we can always challenge ourselves in every situation of life and get ourselves out of our comfort zone. So we - Lukas, who works for the Leoganger Bergbahnen and me - tried something new and accepted THE CHALLENGE: the longest circular ski round of the Alps. As mentioned before, 12.400 metres elevation gain, 65 kilometres of ski slopes and seven hours time - the operating time of the cable cars and chairlifts of the skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn. We are both good skiers and we thought that it would take us about five to six hours - still enough time for a cup of hot choclate at one of the mountain restaurants. Haha, we couldn't be more wrong!

It was time for a change

THE CHALLENGE was not the only reason for me to ski the biggest ski round of the Alps. I was raised here in Leogang and in winter I always went skiing in the skicircus. However, I never got much farther than the I4 Polten chairlift (the first lift in Saalbach, if you start in Leogang), exept for two or three times. I was absolutely satisfied with the ski slopes at the Asitz mountain, but now it was time for a change and to get to know the whole skicircus. Idealy, everything at one day. The perfect reason to master THE CHALLENGE and see how big our skicircus really is. It wasn't very difficult to find a companion: Lukas Mandl, employee at the section of marketing at the Leoganger Bergbahnen. He wanted to master THE CHALLENGE as well and so it was clear for both of us that we were the ones who tried skiing the biggest circular round of the Alps. 

A perfect day

The day was really exhausting, nevertheless it was absolutely perfect. Two days ago, it had snowed and the whole skicircus looked like a winterwonderland. It was freezing and the ski slopes were perfectly groomed. We were highly motivated and started at Leogang. Thanks to the ski map, on which all cable cars and chairlifts are perfectly marked, we could not get lost on our way. We did not have the time to get lost anyway. As mentioned before, we were of the opinion that it would never take us seven hours. At 10:40 am we were already in Fieberbrunn and we were totally happy. Shortly after 14:00 o'clock we were at the Schattberg and only had 5 ski slopes left. Nevertheless it was already four o'clock when we reached Leogang again and when we were able to get our CHALLENGE mugs. I still don't know where we lost so much time. But it doesn't matter, because we made it! We were so happy that we mastered THE CHALLENGE and we took a lot of super photos and videos. 

Fantastic panoramic views

If THE CHALLENGE is still a little bit to much for you, there are plenty of shorter rounds in the skicircus. For example, the Leogang cicuit, the Saalbach circuit, the Hinterglemm circuit and the Tyrolean circuit. Do not miss the fantastic panoramic views, while skiing in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn and absolutely do not miss our video. Have fun!