10 short stories of the 40th Jazz Festival Saalfelden/ Part 2

So here it is: Part 2 of my ten short stories of the 40th Jazz Festival in Saalfelden. If i think about it, it would be easy to write more than 10 stories about the Festival, but they are not all suited for the public. Nevertheless, here are the best stories of the five days of the Jazz Festival in Saalfelden!

In the first part of my blog i told you about everything which happens behind the scenes. You got to know our stage crew, you now know why artists and musicians can travel without their instruments and why it is difficult sometimes to accomodate the artists, furthermore you learned how to join the Club of Friends. Haven't you read it? Well, I absolutely recommend it! Here's the link: 10 Kurzgeschichten vom 40. Jazzfestival Saalfelden. And now get ready for part 2!

6. Fans of the Jazz Festival come back 

Generally you can say: Fans who once visited the Jazz Festival in Saalfelden, come back! The best example is Klaus. He already visited the Festival numerous times. After a short break last year, he was here this year again and brought his wife and his daughter. The special part of this story is that Klaus has been at the very first Jazz Festival at the Ranch - and of course this year he had to be part of the anniversary concert at exactly the same place. On stage performed Wolfgang Puschnig - he has been on stage 1978 too!

7. A premiere that didn't go as planned

We were really worried about the weather. Is it going to rain? Every hour we checked four different weather apps, but everytime we checked, the forecasts changed. Unfortunatelly there is no button for sunny weather and our mountain guide, who said it would not rain at midday, was mistaken. So finally at our first Jazzhike it rained cats and dogs! But the weather didn't stop us and we made the best out of the situation. The artists performed in the cable cars of the Asitzbahn and at the middle station they changed the cable cars so that more hikers could enjoy their concert. When we reached the top station of the Asitzbahn cable car, we went to the Alte Schmiede mountain restaurant and hoped the weather would get better. We still had the option to shorten the hike, should the weather get better. And fortunatelly, the weather really got better - but only when we got home. Nevertheless, it was a great Jazzhike! Hopefully the weather will be better next year!

8. Jazz t-shirts are of great value

During the Jazzfestival everyone immediately knows who the biggest fans are, due to their t-shirts. They wear t-shirts from the former Festivals. One of them even was older than I am - from the year 1992! Do you also have a Jazz t-shirt at home? Send me a picture of it! kristina.seer@saalfelden-leogang.at

9. A face to the voice

At the Festival, I got to know the person who was responsible for the text at our answering machine of the region of Saalfelden Leogang - properly speaking the person behind the voice. This year, she was DJAne at the ParkTracks and i seized the opportunity to get to know her. For those of you who are interessted in hearing her voice, just call out of office hours MO to FR from 5pm, SA from 12 pm or on Sundays ;)

10. #BassToThePeople Flashmobs

Five flashmobs with double basses took place during the Jazz Festival - they were all organized by Lukas Kranzelbinder. Due to the fact that i am responsible for the festival app, i had to send push messages 15-20 mins before every flashmob. Sometimes I only found out the time and place of the flashmob just before it took place. The places of the concerts were very creative - for example one took place in the pharmacy, another one in the toilet. A really great campaign - just see for yourself!

And these were my 10 short stories of the 40th Jazz Festival of Saalfelden 2019! I'm really looking forward to next year and I'm excited what I will experience and who I will get to know next year! 20th to 23rd August 2020 - 41st International Jazz Festival Saalfelden!


Pictures: Michael Geißler, Matthias Heschl, Kristina Seer