Stories from Saalfelden Leogang

  1. Simply hiking - nothing else

    Strolling along without stress, hectic pace or digital distractions. The hiking concept of Saalfelden Leogang promises exactly that: to focus on what is there anyway ... the beauty of nature.  
  2. Not a quite typical article about colouring easter eggs

    Here is the first real honest article about colouring easter eggs with natural colours! Never before, have I ever seen and read so many different instructions about colouring easter eggs with natural colours, than this year. Even we have asked...
  3. The "Müllerfuchs" from the Gerstboden

    Ever encountered a fox while hiking? In Leogang this can happen to you. But don't worry, this one is neither dangerous nor does he run away.
  4. Cadre training center Saalfelden: This is how world champions are trained

    Lisa Theresa Hauser, Sara Marita Kramer, Simon Eder and many more - all these winter sports athletes have been very successful in winning medals at the World Championships in recent weeks, giving us a reason to celebrate in Saalfelden Leogang....