Jazz Festival: Concerts in harmony with nature

Music is a boundless universe that ranges from gentle melodies to powerful rhythms, taking us into multiple emotional dimensions. Likewise, nature opens up its own impressive facets to us, from majestic forests to scenic hiking trails and sparkling lakes. But what happens when these two extraordinary worlds collide? That's exactly what you'll find out at the Saalfelden Jazz Festival. An event that unfolds its concert stages in the most fascinating places in nature.

Melodic steps through nature

You can start your exciting journey through nature and sounds with a WE HIKE JAZZ hike. Together with the Austrian bass player Lukas Kranzelbinder and other artists, you will set out on various hiking trails on Thursday (17.08.) and Saturday (19.08.) to experience and enjoy music in harmony with the surrounding nature. Once you have arrived at the Lettlkaser Hütte or the Steinalm, you will be treated to a beautiful final concert and a hearty snack with homemade products, as well as a magnificent view of the Leoganger Steinberge and the Saalfelden valley.

Morning sound experience at the lake

On Sunday morning (20.08.), a magical concert awaits you at the Ritzensee. Yvonne Moriel and Lorenz Widauer will paddle across the lake in a rowing boat and provide a musical backdrop to the sunrise. The rowing boat will be steered by Roberto Tubaro, who is part of the fabulous team of the South Tyrol Jazz Festival Alto Adige.


Concert magic in the forest

After you have been on the way in the mountains, a concert in the Kolling forest awaits you as a crowning finale on Sunday (20.08.).  After a short walk you will reach the unique stage, nestled in a mystical natural setting. The sounds of the forest blend harmoniously with the instruments of the musicians. An experience for all the senses!

At the Saalfelden Jazz Festival, not only indoor stages such as the Mainstage in the Congress or the Shortcuts in the Kunsthaus Nexus can be visited. Stages at unusual locations such as on the lakeside, in the forest and during hikes offer an extended concert experience in the middle of nature. Let yourself be enchanted and experience unforgettable moments in harmony with the natural beauty of the surroundings!


Photos: Michael Geißler