Gault Millau-awarded Saalfelden Leogang with 13 "Hauben"

Our region is a true paradise for gourmets! With a total of thirteen Gault Millau "Hauben" (the Austrian equivalent to the stars awarded by the Michelin Guide in Germany) distributed among only six restaurants, Saalfelden Leogang can rightly call itself a gourmet region.

Culinary is highly valued here

Pinzgau cuisine is tasty, hearty and economical. Many dishes can be served - slightly modified - as a spicy main course or as a sweet dessert. And behind many a delicacy there is a great secret. The numerous hosts in the huts, inns and restaurants of the Saalfelden Leogang region keep the traditions alive. This ranges from rural delicacies to top cuisine - Gault Millau awarded a total of 13 "Hauben" to six restaurants in Saalfelden Leogang. And at the numerous direct marketers you can take home a little piece of regionality from your vacation.

Our six "Hauben" restaurants & a tip

Echt. Gut. Essen.

According to Gault Millau, it is the restaurant with the highest award in the region: the "Echt. Gut. Essen." at the Forsthofgut nature hotel. Chef Michael Helfrich was able to impress in his small à la carte restaurant, where he can serve a maximum of ten guests, and was awarded three "Hauben". "We are proud to be part of the Haubendorf Leogang and to belong to a region that is always developing in culinary terms," Michael Helfrich comments on the award.

Hütten 2, 5771 Leogang, +43 6583 8561

Kirchenwirt K1326

Chef Stefan Birnbacher was able to add the third "Haube" to the historic Kirchenwirt in Leogang. The 700-year-old village inn is one of the oldest in Salzburgerland, with a documented mention dating back to 1326. Siblings Barbara Kottke and Hans-Jörg Unterrainer have succeeded in transforming this venerable monument into a charm-filled boutique hotel with a great deal of flair.

Leogang 3, 5771 Leogang, +43 6583 8216

ESS:ENZ at the Puradies

In the restaurant ESS:ENZ in the Embachalm of the nature resort PURADIES dishes are created from local products and the own organic farm. Chef Albert Dschulnigg inspired and fetched for the Gourmetrestaurant two "Hauben". The pure and innovative concept meets the highest culinary standards, which culminate in front cooking.

Rain 9, 5771 Leogang, +43 6583 8275

Bio-Hotel Rupertus

For the first time in the circle of the Leoganger hood restaurants the family-led Bio-Hotel Rupertus was certified. "100% organic ingredients, creatively interpreted Alpine cuisine and vegan plant power" with this motto, chef Norman Köhler cooked up two "Hauben" for the Rupertus right off the bat. "The five-course gourmet menu is a real smash hit," says Gault Millau.

Hütten 40, 5771 Leogang, +43 6583 8466


Andreas Herbst was able to win two "Hauben" for the Genießerhotel Riederalm with his self-proclaimed "The Epic Slow Food Leogang" (a modern interpretation of alpine cuisine). Herbst uses regional products of the highest quality from nearby producers for his cuisine, as well as herbs from his own garden.

Rain 100, 5771 Leogang, +43 6583 73420


The Holzhotel Forsthofalm is located at 1,050 meters on the mountain and is interesting for gourmets all year round. The colorful and flavorful cuisine has been awarded a "Haube". Served are, for example, steaks covered with alpine herbs from the charcoal grill, but also vegetarian and vegan dishes. The high-quality organic products used are reflected in the good taste.

Hütten 37, 5771 Leogang, +43 6583 8545

Extra tip: Holifuk

Lukas Ziesel and Harald Salzmann have decided to close the two "Hauben" restaurant Völlerei in fall 2020. However, you can still experience the fine and creative cuisine of Lukas Ziesel in the restaurant & bar "Holifuk".

Lofererstrasse 9, 5760 Saalfelden, +43 6582 20221

Images: Naturhotel Forsthofgut / Puradies / Holzhotel Forsthofalm / Kirchenwirt by / Foto Michael Huber / Biohotel Rupertus / Lukas Ziesel