It is always different from what you imagined it to be, but in the end it all worked out. This first sentence generally describes the jazz summer in Saalfelden Leogang. On the 17th of April we all lost hope that the Jazz Festival could take place in August. However, in May when we heard that it was still possible to organize a smaller festival, we were over the moon. Our summer was saved, despite of Covid19! And that's why I can tell you some short stories even this year. 

1. The second performance of Manu Delago

I'm gonna start with a really good story. After the Weekender was over, we noticed that the performance of Manu Delago was not a premiere. Already 33 years ago, he had been on the stage in Saalfelden as a 3 year old. In the break of a concert, he had jumped on the seat of the drummer und had shown the audience, the artists and the technicans how Jazz music works. This incidence was even mentioned in the Jazz Live Magazin of 1987. 

2. Word of the year "Covid19-prevention-plan"

The Covid19-prevention-plan for the JAZZ SAALFELDEN WEEKENDER was 35 pages long. Two of our colleagues received a training to Covid19 representatives and we even got support from a company, which is specialized on Covid19-prevention-plans. On these 35 pages we determinded which measures were neccessary and which rules had to be obeyed. One of these rules were that we had a room, where we could isolate people who were tested positive. On the whole area we created a one-way system and altogether we scanned 8.092 tickets, day passes and seat tickets. We needed 22 disinfection dispensers, 35 liters of desinfectants and 200 pieces of septDES Gel (Thanks to the company Hagleitner, which sponsored 17 dispensers, the refills and the septDES Gels). Furthermore, we had 30 packages of disposable gloves and 30 packages of disposable face masks. Moreover, we had "Smile - It's time for music" masks, from which we sold 130 pieces. 

A big THANKS to all of you that you accepted our measures and rules!

3. Support for the Austrian music szene

In this year, we had 70% Austrian musicians and artists on our stages. And this is really fantastic, because we could be sure that they were able to come to Saalfelden Leogang. Moreover, - and this is a really important reason - we wanted to support the Austrian artists and musicians! For many artists, their performance at the JAZZ SAALFELDEN WEEKENDER was their first one this year. This was a great honour for us and you could feel it! The athmosphere at the JAZZ SAALFELDEN WEEKENDER was really special. All of us - the audience, the organizers and the artists - were happy that live concerts were possible again. 

4. The face mask police

I was tremendously strict, concerning the obedience of our rules, so that everyone just called me "face mask police". Four visitors of the festival hopefully didn't take offence at my way to tell them that they had to wear masks. I really tried to be charming. I saw them again and again and the masks were our runnung gag. At the last concert, we took a photo together - of course with masks and social distance! Hopefully, we see each other again next year at the 41st International Jazz Festival Saalfelden, maybe then without masks - who knows? 

5. The search for our advertising stand

While we were tidying up on Monday, we collected our equipment from all the different locations. However, when we finished, we noticed that an advertisitng stand was missing. Despite an intensive search by our trainee Patrick, who looked for it everywhere in Saalfelden, we could not find it. Finally, we gave up and were of the opinion that someone stole it. However, two days later someone from the hotel Brandlhof called us and asked if the advertising stand at their place belonged to us. We still don't know how it got there. 


6. More than "just" Jazz

We really got a lot of negativ comments, when we first announced the programme of the WEEKENDER on Facebook. I was really horrified by all the negative energy which came across via social platforms. Even though we gathered all our courage and organized a festival this year, people always made negative comments. However, our great community helped us immediately and we really enjoyed the festival. The JAZZ SAALFELDEN WEEKENDER was a festival for everyone - from jazz to pop music - it was marvellous. There were music genres for everyone and it was exactly the only thing, which we needed this summer! <3

Jazzfestival Saalfelden - Cari Cari | © Manuel Treffer
Jazzfestival Saalfelden - Cari Cari | © Manuel Treffer

Pictures: Michael Geißler & Manuel Treffer