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Mountain of Senses

Feel your senses on the Leoganger Asitz!

The Asitz mountain in the Saalfelden Leogang region is also known as Mountain of Senses and offers an amazing amount of different ways for you to awaken all the senses in your body. In summer, the Senses Park at the mid station of the Asitz lift is a real highlight, but is just one of a whole range of attractions, and just one of 4 seasons that the mountain has to offer.

Genuine experiences of nature provide visitors of all ages with real “aha” moments and lasting impressions. The contrasts are what work so well here; you can experience both adrenalin and peace in the mountains, with noises and silence, exercise and relaxation all in close proximity to one another. You’re spoilt for choice.

The 2 main lifts, the Asitz lift and the Steinberg lift, carry visitors comfortably up into the family hiking, biking, or skiing paradise. Once you’ve arrived, the choice is yours, children’s entertainment, islands of peace with fantastic panoramic views, biking and hiking trails, or the coolest ski area in the Alps, with delicious food available in the mountain huts.

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