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Searching for historical traces in the region

Saalfelden and Leogang are both bursting with history and ancient customs. Mining was an important part of life back then – at the Leogang show mine, visitors discover how ore, silver and copper were mined in times gone by. The Mining and Gothic Museum in Leogang features a unique collection of Gothic figures of the saints. Schloss Ritzen Museum in Saalfelden also offers visitors a range of exhibitions and events every year. Kunsthaus Nexus plays host to grand openings, talks, theatre performances, concerts and readings all year round. The wide variety on offer means that there is sure to be something to suit all tastes.

Current exhibitions and events


Alfred Tschulnigg zum 100. Geburtstag

Alfred Tschulnigg (1919-1999), co-founder and long-time curator of the Pinzgauer Heimatmuseum Schloss Ritzen in Saalfelden, would have turned 100...


Ausstellungsdauer: 8.2. – 4.4.2020 Öffnungszeiten: Do–Sa, 17–20 Uhr und zu den Bürozeiten Di–Fr 9–14 Uhr (bitte nach tel. Vereinbarung...
Berge Blumen Akte

Special exhibition "Mountains Flowers Acts"

The powerful and large-format oil paintings by Helene Maria Schorn let the viewer experience unique views. The mountains bloom under the artist's...


In Kooperation mit dem Pinzgauer Frauen-Netzwerk laden wir ab 09:00 Uhr herzlich zu einem Filmfrühstück und einer gemeinsamen Gesprächsrunde anlässlich des...
Stadtführung Saalfelden

Day of monument

ART take hold - PROTECT MONUMENT. The wonderful transformation of a granary In addition to the program for the day of the monument, we offer the...