Leoganger Bergbahnen: Winner of the “umwelt blatt salzburg 2017” environmental award

Monday, 03.04.2017

Leoganger Bergbahnen: Winner of the “umwelt blatt salzburg 2017” environmental award

The Leogang lift company has been recognised with an award as one of 8 Salzburg companies who together save 1700 tonnes of CO2 per year.

“By implementing various energy efficiency measures such as heat recovery, conversion to a district heat supply, and optimum use of waste heat, we save ourselves over €500,000 per year. This represents an enormous economic benefit for our lift company” says the director, Kornel Grundner. Thanks to the Asitz gondola lift’s heat recovery system, the workshop for the piste bashers, the Stöcklalm restaurant, and the entire mid station of the Asitzbahn lift are heated using waste heat from the lift’s gearing and motor. Also, in the construction of the Asitz II reservoir in close collaboration with the authorities, energy efficient meltwater collection systems were put in place with the result that both of the reservoirs can be filled as early as the spring by the melting snow, without using any great additional amounts of energy. This project could only be realised thanks to excellent collaboration with the nature conservation and water management departments of the province and the district of Zell am See”, Kornel Grunder explains 2 of the many measures. As a lift company, the Leoganger Bergbahnen GmbH is fully conscious of its environmental responsibility. Working together with Salzburg’s environment service and the Sattler energy advisory service, lots of measures have been implemented based on environmental factors.

Increased environmental commitment

“Advise, accompany, support, service: last year over 430 businesses were supported by the “umwelt service salzburg“ (environment service Salzburg), 8 of which really stood out. It gives me great pleasure that there is so much interest in our service and support programme. More and more companies are combining commercial environmental conservation with cost efficiency, resource efficiency, and image enhancement” says Mag. Sabine Wolfsgruber, director of umwelt service Salzburg, “this is the 9th year in succession that the “umwelt blatt salzburg” award has been given. We are proud of our prizewinners and consultants who make such successes possible.”

Director Kornel Grundner accepted the “umwelt blatt salzburg” award in the energy category from Dr. Leonhard Schitter, Salzburg AG ‘s board spokesman at the umwelt service salzburg gala on the 30 March 2017 in the WIFI Salzburg festival hall, together with project leader and deputy director Christian Oberlader. “In deciding where we get our energy from, we have very clearly gone for renewable energy sources, and we will continue to do so in future. This year alone Salzburg AG is investing nearly € 30 million in the modernisation of hydroelectric power stations, as well as photovoltaic, biomass, and ecological energy systems. The future lies in green electricity, with photovoltaic systems being a great incentive for Salzburg companies” says Dr. Leonhard Schitter.

A leaf of success grows on Salzburg’s environmental tree

The umwelt blatt salzburg and the Leoganger Bergbahnen GmbH logo will now adorn the crown of “Salzburg’s environmental tree” for a year. This mobile tree constructed out of wood and steel will draw attention to commercial interest in environmental conservation. It is a symbol of sustainable environmental conservation, and stands at the moment in the parish of Hallwang before being moved to Hallein in June. “The fact that 5 of the 8 leaves that were awarded this year went to companies in Pinzgau is very pleasing,” says director Kornel Grundner, “it shows how much Pinzgau is working in an innovative and sustainable way.”

Data and facts from the “umwelt service salzburg”

The umwelt service salzburg organisation supports and organises environmental consultation for businesses and councils in the areas of energy, mobility, waste, resources and the environment. The province of Salzburg, the Salzburg chamber of commerce and Salzburg AG support the consulting institution as members, and the Lebensministerium offers financial support.