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Hiking adventures full of contrasts: without luggage but with a lot of music and nature

Hiking in the fresh air is not only very healthy, but it also provides sporty challenges and a lot of high-quality vacation experiences for all senses. In Saalfelden Leogang, a region full of contrasts in the middle of the Alps, there are plenty of hiking and running trails, for example the long-distance hiking trail “Pinzga’ Hatscha”, the Saalachtaler Höhenweg or the Saalachtaler Rundweg – where you can always enjoy the fascinating views of the massifs Leoganger Steinberge and Steinernes Meer. Hikers can enjoy a relaxing pause in nature and can make use of the concept “pole sharing” or they take a break at one of the wooden swings. At the Asitz mountain, the “Mountain of Senses”, hikers can sharpen their senses and visit the Cinema of Nature or the spectacular “TONspur Islands”, which are wooden lounges where you can listen to music all year round. Even the smallest ones can experience the biggest adventures here in Saalfelden Leogang: Either in the Park of Senses, where they can join one of the guided theme hikes or on the summer tobogganing run or the Flying Fox XXL. The ones who like heights should try the varied climbing routes and via ferrata in all levels of difficulties, or in case of bad weather, the climbing halls. 


„Simply hiking “– Hiking pole sharing, wooden swings and a lot of nature
In Saalfelden Leogang, the motto is „simply hiking”. This means: no trappings, just spending time in the fresh air. It is scientifically proven that spending time outdoors in nature has a positive effect on our health. “Nothing should draw our attention away from the essential things,” says Marco Pointner, head of the Saalfelden Leogang Tourist Offices. “We want to animate our guests to go outside, walk for a while and simply enjoy nature. The most essential aspect of hiking should be to get away from everyday life and to simply hike.” This health aspect of hiking is also proven by numerous studies.
In addition to the relaxing time in nature, there are several installations, which invite you to take a break, and which are part of the concept “simply hiking”. For example, there are 360-degree wooden benches, which were made by local craftsmen or the wrought-iron wooden swings. Hikers can pause for a moment, swing softly, listen to the sounds of the forest, and have a look at the sky and the top of the trees. Change your perspective with the 360-degree wooden benches and the swings and discover things in nature, which you would otherwise never see. After recharging your batteries, you have enough energy to hike on. 
Have you ever heard about “pole sharing”? This is only possible in Saalfelden Leogang. Along the hiking trails, there are numerous stations, where you can take wooden hiking poles, which you can take with you. After your hike, you simply put it back. If you want to have your own wooden hiking pole, you can buy them at the Tourist Office in Leogang. 


Hikes full of contrasts: The new hike “Pinzga’ Hatscha”
Hiking in Saalfelden Leogang is full of contrasts and an unforgettable experience. You discover nature on various hiking trails and tours as relaxing as possible. An example for a unique hiking trail through the beautiful Pinzgau region is the new “Pinzga’ Hatscha”. With its 393 kilometers and 15 stages, it is one of the special long-distance hiking trails. The circular trail leads from Lofer via the massif Steinernes Meer to Maria Alm, then to Maishofen, in the direction of Saalbach and there via Leogang and the massif Leoganger Steinberge back to Lofer.


Hiking without luggage: the Saalachtaler Höhenweg and the Saalachtaler Rundweg
As Saalfelden Leogang is full of contrasts and located in the middle of the Alps, hiking is not only simple, but also comfortable. When making longer hiking tours, you usually need more luggage, which means you backpack is bigger and heavier. However, in Saalfelden Leogang you do not need to carry your backpack for days, as there is a luggage transport “hiking without luggage”, so that hiking is fun even for a few days long. Hikers can pack a light backpack and the other luggage is transported to the next stop for you. 
You can try out this service, when hiking the Saalachtaler Höhenweg or the Saalachtaler Rundweg. The romantic hiking tour Saalachtaler Höhenweg, can be hiked within five days. A special hiking package has been set up for this purpose: Six overnight stays with luggage transport, hiking map and hiking equipment, which is a hiking pin, a wooden hiking pole and hiking socks. In addition to that, hikers get a ticket for the cable cars in Hinterglemm and a ticket for one run with the summer toboggan run at the Biberg in Saalfelden. The package costs about 635 euros per person. 
Within six or three days, hikers can discover the hiking trails between the towns Saalfelden, Maishofen and Maria Alm along the Saalachtaler Rundweg. For this hiking tour, there is also a special hiking package in summer: Seven overnight stays in the category of your desire, the transport of your luggage and the hiking equipment. The offer costs 493 euros per person. In addition to that there is a ticket for the ascent with the cable car included and a ticket for the summer toboggan run. You can book the offers from the beginning of June until the end of September. Hiking without luggage in Saalfelden Leogang (


Climbing routes, climbing halls and unique climbing in the climbing region Steinberge   
The region full of contrasts is unique for climbing enthusiasts. There are more than 1.000 climbing routes and multi-pitch routes for beginners, advanced climbers, and pros. The climbing region Steinberge consists of the massifs Loferer Steinberge and Leoganger Steinberge, the valleys Pillerseetal and Salzburger Saalachtal as well as the mountain Steinplatte. One of the longest climbing routes is the so-called “Pinzgawurm”, which consists of 45 rope lengths. In addition to the various climbing routes, there are five climbing halls and twelve via ferrata in the whole climbing region. 
Especially the climbing halls offer a suitable alternative to the climbing tours outdoors when the weather is bad. Here, you can climb all year round without getting wet. In the climbing hall “Felsenfest” in Saalfelden, you can climb on 1.700 square meters and show your skills. The climbing hall is one of the most modern and largest ones in Austria. In Leogang there is also a ÖAV climbing hall, which is a little bit smaller than that in Saalfelden, but it has a 50 square meters boulder room. From June to November, the summer adventure program offers a wide range of climbing activities - also for families. A climbing tour is best combined with a stop at one of the traditional alpine huts. Regional culinary delights await you at the mountain huts, for example at the Passauerhütte, Riemannhaus and Peter-Wiechenthaler-Hütte. In addition, you can always enjoy a breathtaking view from the hut terraces.


Cinema of Nature and TONspur Islands: 365 days of music and nature pleasure at the Asitz mountain 
Discover nature and sharpen your senses – this is possible at the Asitz mountain in Leogang. The motto is “Sit down, enjoy and escape your everyday life”, and the Cinema of Nature at the Sonnkogel mountain offers a good opportunity to take a break and just breath. The Cinema of Nature is a cinema with different panoramic plateaus. Visitors can relax on wooden islands and hammocks and enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain ranges Steinernes Meer and Leoganger Steinberge. Hikers can reach the Cinema of Nature with the Asitzbahn cable car or with the Steinbergbahn cable car, along the Leos Game Trail or via the Grosser Asitz. 
Another attraction are the five TONspur Islands. They are wooden lounges, and they make it possible to experience nature in a special way. The stations are a sound archive, where you can listen to pieces from the last TONspur concerts of the past years. Four of the five islands were placed facing the respective compass direction. The fifth island is located at a quiet place in the middle of the forest. The wooden loungers were even mounted on rails and equipped with an appropriate sound system. Their handling wonderfully adapts to the prevailing weather conditions: To enjoy the sun, the loungers can be pulled out of the covered station by means of rollers, and in bad weather the canopy protects against rain or snow.
An important aspect of the TONspur Islands is their appearance and how they fit into nature. They are enabling music and nature enthusiasts to enjoy the panorama and the concerts all year round, depending on the weather conditions, you can listen to the concerts under the blue sky or directly in the wooden loungers. In the year 2020 the TONspur Islands were awarded with the Austrian Art Sponsorship Prize MAECENAS.


Family trip with lots of fun: Park of Senses and Peaceful Water at the Asitz mountain 
The Asitz mountain is called „Mountain of Senses“ for a reason. Because here you find the Park of Senses with 30 adventure stations, an ideal place for a trip with the whole family. The Park of Senses, which is located at the middle station of the Asitzbahn cable car, lets you sharpen your senses. Here you can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. You can even wander barefoot over the soft mountain pastures and get a relaxing massage for your feet. Experience your different senses, listen to the sounds of the forests, and enjoy the scent of the numerous wild herbs and alpine plants. In the Park of Senses, children can even be creative, for example, they can bake flat bread, draw, and do handicrafts or color their own t-shirts. The little ones get plenty of motivation for hiking on Leo's Game Trail, which starts at the mountain station of the Asitzbahn cable car and leads to the Cinema of Nature. There are many thrilling stations along the way that invite children to climb, balance and let off steam. For all quiz and puzzle fans, there is a new puzzle hunt along the trail.
The Peaceful Water, which is located above the middle station of the Asitzbahn cable car, is a place to relax: Loungers, viewpoints, an area to put your feet into the chilly water and a floating platform in the reservoir invite you to relax and linger, bringing your body as well as your mind into harmony with nature. The Mountain of Senses can be reached with both, the Asitzbahn and Steinbergbahn cable cars. 


Adventures on the mountains: Sommer tobogganing and Flying Fox XXL
In summer you can also have lots of fun at the mountains. In Saalfelden Leogang, there are two summer toboggan runs, which offer a lot of fun and action. The summer toboggan run in Saalfelden at the Biberg mountain is 1,6 kilometers long and there are numerous curves, jumps and a spectacular view of the city of Saalfelden. The summer toboggan run “LeoKlang” at the Asitz mountain in Leogang is located on 1.800 altitude and is an unforgettable experience for families. From the top station, you descent about 400 meters downhill with the toboggan. Adrenaline junkies can try out the longest and fastest steel cable slide in the world: the Flying Fox XXL. With a speed of up to 130 kilometers per hour, you float weightless through the air - for 1,600 meters. In addition to the unforgettable adventure, which you experience during the takeoff, there is a fabulous view of the mountains of the region. Another excursion tip for families, are the alpaca trekking tours, where you explore the area with the fluffy animals. 


Discover the secret of the forest on guided hikes
Forests are simply magic. Lush green, soothing and endless – they are extraordinary places with lots of stories. The summer adventure program makes it possible to discover the forests in Saalfelden Leogang in numerous different ways. For example, you can try out forest bathing or go on one of the many weekly guided theme hikes. You can choose from medicinal plant hikes, torchlight hiking tours or hiking tours, where you observe the habitats of beavers. 
For families, there is a special opportunity to discover nature, called: “Breath in. Feel the forest. Breath out.” This offer consists of seven overnight stays, the Saalfelden Leogang Card, two hikes including a snack on a mountain hut and a TEH herb workshop. In addition to that you get a hiking map and hiking socks. The offer with breakfast costs 289 euros, or in a four-star hotel with half board 598 euros. 


Discover nature while hiking with children and pram 
Being outdoors in the fresh air, hike up and down and always with a clear destination in mind – this is carefree hiking. Hiking is not only an extremely healthy sport, but every hike is also a big adventure for the smallest ones. In Saalfelden Leogang, there are several hiking trails, which are suited for families with small children and even with prams. For example, the hike up to the mountain hut Sinnlehenalm, which is located at 950 meters altitude, is an easy hike. As soon as you reach the Sinnlehenalm, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the village of Leogang and of the massif Leoganger Steinberge. Hiking tours with only little ascents, across meadows, through forests and along rivers are ideal for small children to let a little bit of steam off and play around. You can discover many precious treasures of nature, for example the mysterious water hole Birnbachloch or you discover the thrilling hiking trails to the mountain huts Örgenbauernalm or Steinalm.


Diverse running trails for sports enthusiasts 
In the sporty region Saalfelden Leogang, there is a suitable running trail for everyone. When running and hiking, the musculoskeletal system as well as the ability to react are both trained, because the trails lead you over hill and dale, along many forests and across meadows. In total, there 22 running and Nordic walking trails with long, medium, and short distances and with different elevation gain to choose from. For endurance athletes, these conditions are perfect for combining physical fitness, performance, and stamina. Trail runners also find their special running adventures here and have the ability to keep discovering new trails in the midst of nature. For beginners, the two fitness courses in Saalfelden Leogang are ready to be discovered. Ten strengthening, stretching and mobilization exercises promote dexterity and balance and then turn the first running steps into an unforgettable experience.