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Tradition, good food, ALM:KULTUR and jazz – the perfect recipe for a lovely holiday

The Saalfelden Leogang region is well known for its beautiful nature. Fewer know that it also has plenty on offer for culture aficionados. This summer, the most diverse environment in the Alps is putting on a varied programme of live music and other cultural events. As well as the famous Jazzfestival Saalfelden, holidaymakers can look forward to the ALM:KULTUR series of events and many concerts and plays at the Kunsthaus Nexus. For an unique treasure hunt, head inside the Leogang show mine, either by visiting in person or by attending the virtual, barrier-free version from the comfort of your home. Fans of catchy tunes in the open air should not miss the nature cinema and our TONspur islands. The region’s annual customs, such as summer solstice and Bauernherbst, will also make a return this year. A varied blend of traditional and modern events awaits visitors to Saalfelden Leogang. 


Jazzfestival Saalfelden from 17–20 August 2023
Music lovers are sure to get their fill at the 43rd Jazzfestival Saalfelden from 17 to 20 August 2023. Nationally and internationally renowned jazz musicians will be performing live on stage, with this year’s line-up including the Austrian drummer Lukas König, the Japanese koto player Michiyo Yagi, the Swiss vocalist Andreas Schaerer, an 18-piece orchestra conducted by Ralph Mothwurf, Brekky Boy from Australia and many other first-class acts. The concerts take place in the town and the mountains, and guided musical hikes will be available. The two main venues hosting this year’s festival are the Congress Saalfelden and the Kunsthaus Nexus. Since last year, the Otto-Gruberhalle – a decommissioned industrial hall from the 1950s – has been another one of our hosts. Visitors get to experience more than 60 concerts. Best of all, more than half of the concerts are free of charge!
Like in previous years, the creative environment of the Fuchs bookbinder’s shop will become a site of musical encounters, where musicians can get together for impromptu jams at the traditional bookbinding machines. 
The natural stage in the Kollingwald forest was first used for two concerts in 2021, securing itself a permanent spot in the festival calendar. Surrounded by nature, jazz music and the magic of the forest combine to create a truly mystical atmosphere. Finally, there will be free concerts on some of our Alpine pastures, offering a wonderful combination of mountains, inns and various musical styles.
Fans of the Jazzfestival Saalfelden are advised to download the free JFS app from the Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) app stores. It contains live information about the line-up, venues, spontaneous concerts and potential schedule changes. Users can put together their own timetable and playlists to keep up to date at all times.  


Show mine: a thrilling journey into the history of mining 
Keen to learn more about mining? Then check out the Leogang show mine! Armed with a hammer and a pick, hewers used to roam the insides of these mountains to mine silver, mercury, cobalt, copper, lead, nickel and magnesite. Their activity has created many unique tunnels. In 1970, mining ceased in the area. The mine was opened to visitors in 1989. The show mine covers the history of mining dating back to the 14th century. Accompanied by guides, guests walk through the ramified mine. Walking at times in single file with the need to stoop down occasionally, this adventurous journey through narrow tunnels leads guests directly into the past and provides an insight into the hard work that miners once performed.
There is also a barrier-free, virtual version of the show mine. The virtual 3D tour can be accessed from home at Those attending on site or online will gain historical insights into three millennia of mining in Leogang. The digital excursion is available to all and barrier-free – all you need is a smartphone, PC or tablet.
It makes the history of mining at the Schwarzleotal show mine even more interesting. The Leogang miners’ guild received a tourism award for their personal efforts and their dedication to educating the public. Besides the creation of the interactive 3D model, various renovations have taken place around the show mine. A mine railway that once carried both miners and mined treasures now also offers younger visitors the opportunity to better get to know the mine by means of an artificial gallery.
After an adventurous tour of the show mine, the miners’ pub awaits with refreshments and a rustic atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the local cuisine, peruse interesting mine maps, or purchase a mining souvenir. Guided tours are offered from May to October. Sturdy footwear and warm clothing are required. 


Nature cinema and TONspur islands: 365 days of music enjoyment  
Experience nature, sharpen your senses and enjoy culture at the same time: it’s all possible at the Asitz, the “Mountain of Senses”, in Leogang. "Sit down, relax and take a break from everyday life" is the motto of the unique relaxation area “nature cinema” boasting panoramic views. On different plateaus, cosy wooden lounger islands and hammocks have been set up. Hikers can reach this special spectacle via the Asitzbahn or Steinbergbahn gondola lifts, or via Leo's Spielewanderweg and the Grosser Asitz mountain.
During your hike, you’ll pass by the five TONspur islands. These stations, where you can listen to live recordings of the TONspur concerts from the previous year, are located between the mountain station and the Asitz summit and are especially popular with true music fans. Wooden loungers make your experience of nature even more intense. The right way to set them up depends upon the prevailing weather conditions: when it is sunny, the loungers can be pulled out of the covered station by means of rollers; when the weather is poor, there is a canopy. 
This year, the popular TONspur concerts will take place once again on the Asitz from 29 June to 10 August. On five special Thursdays in summer, bands and musicians of different genres will perform on stage. When the weather is good, you can enjoy concerts at sunset on an outdoor stage at the foot of the Grosser Asitz. When the weather is sub-optimal, you are invited to the AsitzBräu.


A rest stop for the soul: the Saalfelden hermitage
The route to the Saalfelden hermitage offers a beautiful hike full of impressions for all the family. Stopping at the hermitage is warmly recommended. Located at an altitude of 1,006 metres, it was built in the 17th century into the rocky outcroppings above Schloss Lichtenberg castle. The complex includes a small chapel. It is one of the last inhabited hermitages in Europe.


ALM:KULTUR: Tradition meets Modernity 
The so-called ‘ALM:KULTUR’ is a special and unusual event series. From mid July to the beginning of September, hikers gather to meet various artists and creative types every Friday at the mountain huts. The series comprises a wide variety of concerts and interactive workshops. Everything on 14, 21 and 28 July, 4, 11 and 25 August, 1 and 8 September is done according to the motto: “Tradition meets modernity.” The best part: In order to participate in the events, you don’t have to register or pay anything. Only the hike to the Alpine pasture is necessary. More than a few guests simply show up by chance and are treated to the pleasure of a great cultural offering. 


Theater for young and old
This year, Theater ecce – an independent group of theatre professionals from Salzburg – is putting on three fantastic productions in Saalfelden Leogang. “Volxtheaterwerkstatt Saalfelden” will take place on 9 and 10 May, “Paradies” will premiere on 2 and 3 June, and the Leogang Circus Tent will host “Aladdin” from 20 to 28 October. The latter is suitable for children from the age of six. 


The FREIRAUM cultural association: an art hiking trail with heavenly views and chamber music in the valley
The FREIRAUM cultural association and the Leoganger Bergbahnen cable car company seek to support traditional and new culture in the area and give artists an opportunity to practise their art. To this end, they organise the annual art hiking trail on the Asitz mountain. The lovely forest trail starts underneath the Asitzbahn gondola lift mountain station and takes you past the “Peaceful Waters” to the sensory park at the Asitzbahn middle station. Every 30 or 40 metres, hikers can take a brief rest and admire artworks by this year’s exhibitor, Isabella de Lorenzo. The pieces will be on display from 25 June 2023 until October. Another highlight by the FREIRAUM cultural association is the “Chamber Music in Mountain Huts” festival from 3 to 5 November 2023. On three consecutive days, the association and the Mining and Gothic Museum in Leogang jointly present wonderful contemporary and old music in chamber music configurations.


Kunsthaus Nexus: concerts, cinema and theatre 
The Kunsthaus Nexus has put together a varied programme of cultural events again this year. Established in 2002, the Kunsthaus Nexus is an important part of Pinzgau’s art and culture scene. The programme is featuring plenty of concerts, a “Gschnagga” theatre for kids, an art-house cinema and numerous literary lectures and cabarets. 


Mining and Gothic Museum and Schloss Ritzen Museum: the Beautiful Madonnas and a collection of nativity scenes 
The Mining and Gothic Museum in Leogang is a special destination, offering an exhibition of the heyday of mining in Leogang. The silver ore was mined for the famous Salzburg ‘Silbertaler’ silver dollar. In addition, copper, cobalt, nickel, mercury and lead were also mined. Rare mineral species can also be admired in the mineral cabinet. The museum also houses sacred art, such as the "Beautiful Madonna", a Gothic figure of a saint from the Alpine region, which was made as early as 1410.
This year, visitors can once again look forward to fascinating special exhibitions at the Mining and Gothic Museum, such as the Vogl-Reitter private collection from Kitzbühel, which comprises a total of 50 panel paintings, sculptures, reliefs and furniture from the Gothic era. From May, the limited special stamp in the “Sacral Art” series will be available for purchase. Depicting a communion pix of Salzburg’s archbishops in Limoges, the stamp was created as a collaboration between the St Gabriel philatelists’ association and the Austrian post.
The Saalfelden Leogang region is surrounded by four noble castles, like Schloss Ritzen. It houses a museum containing Austria's most important and largest collection of nativity scenes as well as other sacred treasures. In addition to the baroque church nativity scene, there is also a large oriental nativity scene and the Saalfelden nativity scene by the famous nativity scene builder Alexander "Xandi" Schläffer from Saalfelden. The Schloss Ritzen Museum features permanent exhibitions such as nativity scene exhibitions, Roman frescoes that present a collection of Roman wall paintings, as well as exhibitions on the history of Saalfelden, which can be visited all year round. On 4 May, special exhibition on the topic of water, titled H_ZWEI_O, will open. With the Saalfelden Leogang Card, which guests automatically receive upon check-in at any partner business, visiting both museums is free of charge.


Summer solstice: A mystical Alpine spectacle featuring mountain fires
Customs and traditions are very important in the Saalfelden Leogang region. The summer solstice in June is a lovely example. The fires burning on the Pinzgau mountains on 24 June are said to replicate and invoke sunlight to drive away evil spirits, which in turn ensures sufficient growth and fertility for the the fields and meadows. In the evening the contours of the Leoganger Steinberge mountain range and the Steinernes Meer plateau will be ignited to reveal impressive symbols and shapes on the mountain slopes. 


Bauernherbst, traditional costumes and creative spaces
Bauernherbst begins at the end of August and is the Saalfelden Leogang region’s fifth season. During this time, the area is all about good food, good times and the year’s harvest. During the Bauernherbst events, guests have the opportunity to better get to know traditional rural life with handicraft demonstrations, hikes, cooking courses, harvest festivals, traditional cattle herding to the Alpine pasture and traditional events. 
Keen to wear the right outfit for every traditional occasion? Then you should visit the small traditional costume workshop in Saalfelden. Dirndls are handmade here by Regina Wienerroither, a seamstress who has been working at the workshop for more than 30 years. She is also the inventor of the Stretch Dirndl, a unique dirndl made from fabrics with a stretchable component made from Loden felt, linen and printed cotton.
Meanwhile, the Leogang Kreativ-Lade (creative shop) is the perfect place to pick out a unique souvenir for the relatives at home. There are handmade wooden works of art and a beautiful garden, which can be visited in the summer as part of a guided tour. 


Saalfeldener Holzmusi: traditional music from wooden instruments shaped like animals and mythical creatures
The “Saalfeldener Holzmusi," which perform at traditional festivals and weddings, are a special musical experience. Here musical instruments exclusively made from wood are played, which represent mythical creatures and animals. The musicians perform, for example, with wooden instruments shaped like snakes or dragons. The performers are dressed in leather knee breeches with light blue socks, a red waistcoat and a black hat complete with red and white feathers. The artists play traditional folk music and do not need sheet music. By ear and feeling, music is created by beating, plucking and rattling the instruments. 


Amply stocked farm shops: the perfect stopover 
Anyone who loves good food and would like to take a few tasty treats back home from their holiday need look no further than the many farms of the Saalfelden Leogang region. They market their products directly on site. In addition to eggs, bread, cheese and milk, there are also schnapps and spirits as well as alpaca and sheep’s wool products. At the Saalachtaler Bauernladen farm shop and the Leogang village shop, for example, there is a large selection of Pinzgau delicacies including organic Leogang sausage and meat products. The "Gerstbodner Troadladl," the farm shop at the Zieferhof, is also known for its milk and grain products. Also not to be missed: the HPH anno 1905, a farm shop that was created at the site of a former horse stable and has already won several awards for its homemade butter. 
There’s also the Stechaubauer organic farm featuring the Gemüsehütte (Vegetable Hut), a self-service vending machine where you select your vegetables via touchscreen and then pull them out from the appropriate tray. Available around the clock!
A detour to "Stocki's Distillery” in Leogang, for example, is also worthwhile. It’s the only distillery in Austria with three qualified fine spirits sommeliers and a master distiller. Alternatively, take a trip to the famous distillery “Siegfried Herzog Destillate”, which has won many awards for its schnapps, whisky and gin. All these shops and many others make perfect stopovers during a culinary e-bike tour between April and October. The route is suitable for e-bike beginners as well as seasoned riders. You can do the e-bike leisure tour independently or book a guide in advance – rest stops included.
"Die Schattberger," three family-run farms on the Saalfelden Schattberg, provide special insight into the production of sausage and meat products. These families have made a conscious decision to keep their animals in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner. Their meat products can be picked up directly from the farm. In addition, you can also have the delicacies sent to your home. During a visit to the Alpine pastures or a tour of the barn, learn more about the production of regional products. To find out more about our regional produce, don’t miss the Green Event – our regionality fair at the Congress Saalfelden. This year’s event is titled “Regional Products on Show”, and visitors will be able to sample and buy seasonal and regional products from many local businesses. 


Event highlights in summer 2023: 
16 April 2023            Regionalism fair, Congress Saalfelden                                      
24 June 2023            Solstice and Midsummer Festival at Ritzensee lake, Saalfelden    
25 June 2023            Opening of the art hiking trail at Asitz           
29 June – 10 August 2023    TONspur at Asitz – 5 Thursdays 
14 July – 8 September 2023    ALM:KULTUR in Saalfelden Leogang – 8 Fridays 
17. August – 20 August 2023    43rd Jazzfestival Saalfelden
3 November – 5 November    Chamber music in mountain huts