Vincent Peirani

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France, Italia, Israel

Vincent Peirani - accordion
Federico Casagrande - guitar
Eric Schäffer - drums

After numerous collaborations in duo format with Émile Parisien or his quintet 'Living Being', French jazz musician Vincent Peirani has turned to a new form of musical expression. Whether as a soloist, rhythm player or accentuator, the idea behind this new line-up is the spontaneous interplay of musical roles. Each of the three members can take on the role of the others and thus give the musical direction an unexpected twist at any time. In this respect, it is not surprising that the choice of the band's name, "Jokers", is not so much a fictional villain, but rather a playing card that can not only replace any other, but can also be used as the highest trump card.

Day ticket 3 days Jazz: VVK 44,- Euro, AK 49,- per person and day
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